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Shopping Feed Audits (Beta) - User Guide
Shopping Feed Audits (Beta) - User Guide
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Getting Started

Press on the "Create New Audit" button and give it a name to get started. You'll see a set of audits for Product Level, Product Titles And Descriptions, Basic Product Data, Product Identifiers, Price And Availability, Product Category, Detailed Product Description, Shopping Campaigns and Other Configurations, and Shipping.

Audits and Sections

You can choose to disable or enable any of the items and still show - or hide - the disabled ones from the list. The audits can be expanded or collapsed as needed.

Once you define the enabled and disabled sections and are ready to audit, press the "Save" button, then "Run Now".

Analyzing Results

On the results page, you'll see an overall grade, which is an average of the items below, and that can be C, B, A, or A+.

Each audit has its own individual grade, and when you press over the result, you'll see a more detailed range of information displayed.

Note: Some of the audits in our Shopping Feed Audits designer are not graded, as they’re meant to report on the different items in your account and not evaluate them based on specific parameters. You'll see these audits grayed out and with a "-" sign.

Downloading Results

You can save the information in two separate ways:

As a full PDF file with all the information

When downloading as a PDF file, you can choose to keep the original colors of the audit by selecting the Background Graphics option. By unchecking the Headers and Footers option, you can also remove the Optmyzr link in the pdf.

As individual results in an Excel file

Scheduling Results

Your saved audits can also be scheduled to be sent out on a weekly basis. This sends out an email with the link to the recently run audit. You'll find this option in the top right, next to Save and Run Now. When scheduling the audit, you'll be able to send the results to multiple team members.

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