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List of Available Audits for Amazon
List of Available Audits for Amazon
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You can read more about the PPC Account Audit here.


  • Account Time Zone and Currency: Displays the current time zone and currency of the account.

  • Total Daily Budget


  • Campaign Types in Account: This audit shows all the campaign types you have in an account. Eg: if you are running sponsored products, sponsored brands campaigns, etc

  • Campaigns Comparison By Bidding Strategies: This audit shows a breakdown of all the bidding strategies used across the campaigns in the account

  • Campaigns Underspending Daily Budget: This audit shows the number of campaigns that aren’t spending a maximum budget to drive good results. The audit table includes aggregated daily budget and spend from last 45 days.

  • Campaigns With Less ROAS: This audit shows a list of campaigns that have a Return on Ad Spend lower than the expected Target ROAS.

Ad Groups

  • Ad Groups With Too Few Keywords/Too Many Keywords: These two audits will check for any ad groups that have either too many or too few keywords, helping you target efficiently.

  • Ad Groups With Too Few Keywords/Too Many Negative Keywords: These two audits will check for any ad groups that have either too many or too few negative keywords, helping you focus on meaningful queries.

  • Ad Groups with too many product ads This audit will check for any ad groups advertising large sets of products, helping you have a more focused ad group structure.


  • Expensive Keywords: Keywords with higher spend and no Conversions

  • Keywords with Clicks: Percentage of active keywords that are generating clicks

  • Keywords Match Type and their performance data: This audit shows a performance spread by match type of keywords in your account.

  • Total negative keywords in your campaigns

  • Keywords with lower CTR than expected

  • Conflicting Keywords: This functionality will check for broad and phrase positive keywords that are conflicting with negative exact keywords.


  • Account Level ACoS: This audit shows the overall ACoS and the conversion rate for your account

  • Sales generated by account in last 45 days

  • Account level average ROAS


  • Best Performing Placements based on Clicks


  • Products not Delivering: This audit highlights ASINs with no impressions. It checks for the performance of an ASIN in each campaign it's present separately. So, if an ASIN is not giving impressions in one campaign but performs better in others, it would still be highlighted.

  • ASIN With Higher Orders: This audit shows the top 5 ASINs with the highest number of orders and their average conversion rate. The orders for an ASIN are aggregated from all the campaigns it's a part of.

  • ASIN with fewer orders than expected: This would aggregate the orders bagged by the ASIN from all the campaigns and compare it with the expected number.

  • ASINs present in multiple campaigns: This audit helps you compare the performance of an ASIN across different campaigns. Click on the ASIN to get the list of campaigns it’s present in.

  • Negative Product Targets Count In your Campaigns.

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