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Optmyzr 10-year Anniversary Sale: FAQs
Optmyzr 10-year Anniversary Sale: FAQs
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Optmyzr 10-year Anniversary Sale: FAQs

What is the Optmyzr 10 year anniversary offer?

Get 3 months free when subscribing to the annual plans for Pro, Pro+ and Enterprise plans. This constitutes a 25% discount compared to the respective monthly plan.

Who can take advantage of this sale?


  • New customers and teams who’ve never used Optmyzr before

  • Existing Optmyzr customers on any of the new plans including Enterprise and Custom plans. If you're on a legacy subscription plan, you can speak to our support team and get an offer to upgrade to a new plan and take advantage of the offer.

Not Eligible:

  • Any new subscriptions opting for monthly and 6-month billing intervals

  • Existing Optmyzr customers with an active prevailing discount or offer

Why should I select or upgrade to this tier of Optmyzr?

Optmyzr’s Pro and Pro plus plans include exclusive capabilities such as the PPC Vertical Benchmarks tool and white-labeled shareable dashboards. They also let you manage more accounts as they come with higher spend and account limits.

How long is this offer valid?

This sale is active from September 4-15, 2023… both days included.

Can I get this deal if I already have one running?

No, this discount cannot be combined with other offers. If you’re an Optmyzr customer who already has an active discount in their account, then this cannot be applied on top of that. If you're not sure, contact our support team and they will help you out.

What happens if I cancel midway through my annual subscription?

Optmyzr honors cancellation requests and typically, we offer prorated refunds to annual subscriptions. However, signups and upgrades under this special offer will not be entitled to refunds if you choose to cancel midway through the duration of the plan.

Can I pay monthly and still get the discount?

No. This discount is only available upon pre-payment for the full year.

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