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Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio - Manage Facebook Budgets
Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio - Manage Facebook Budgets
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You can track, optimize, pause, and reenable Facebook campaign and ad set budgets in Optmyzr's Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio tool. These budgets can be tracked separately or together with budgets from other platforms such as Google Ads.

Getting Started

  1. Make sure the Facebook account is part of the PPC Portfolio (instructions)

  2. Create a new Budget Group or edit an existing one (instructions)

  3. Expand the Facebook account or use the search function to find the campaigns and ad sets you'd like to track in one budget group.

  4. Adjust the rest of the settings like the target budget, if needed.

  5. Save the budget group and exit the view.

  6. Update the table view from the left-hand side view.

  7. If you see an error in fetching the newly added budgets, please refresh the page once.

The ad set budgets can be combined with campaign level budgets from Facebook and other platforms in the same budget group. Please keep in mind that each budget group shares a common target budget for the month.

If you've configured the tool to pause the entities associated with the budget group when the target budget is hit, the tool will pause the ad sets or campaigns associated with the budget. Remember that you can also have the entities automatically reenabled at the beginning of the new month. To check the settings, please edit the budget group in question (see point 2 above).

If you have both campaign and ad set level budgets, you'll see three levels in the tree view. The first level is for the account, the second for the campaigns, and the third for ad sets.

Note: after you've added new budgets to a budget group and clicked 'Update', you may see an error message indicating an issue with fetching the budgets. Should this happen, please update the page using the refresh button next to your browser's URL field. If you need assistance, feel free to contact

Managing the budgets

Once you see the campaigns and/or ad set budgets in the table, you can identify them by looking at the Budget Level column. Now, it's possible to reallocate budgets between the entities and analyze the performance by adding the columns of your choice. When you're happy with your daily budget amounts, just click 'Apply Budget Changes' in the upper right-hand corner of the interface to update the budgets in the Facebook Ad Manager.

Please note that, while Facebook budgets can be manually edited in the tool, they are not part of the system-generated reallocation suggestions at the moment. The reason is, one of the performance metrics taken into consideration when suggesting reallocation scenarios is Impression Share but Facebook doesn't share this metric in their interface or via the API. Our team is actively working on adding Facebook budgets to the reallocation suggestions.

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