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Set Up Content API Supplemental Feed
Set Up Content API Supplemental Feed
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The following article is a step-by-step guide on how to set up Content API Supplemental Feeds in Optmyzr Express for feed optimization.

The tool allows you to set up an existing supplemental feed, or one that has been recently created, the only requirement is that the feed's input method needs to be Content API for the tool to be able to make modifications.

You can create and set up a new feed in the tool by following the steps below:

Note: if you wish to integrate an existing Content API supplemental feed, skip to step 3 for setup instructions.

How to create a new Supplemental Feed

  1. Create a Content API Supplemental Feed.

    Click on the 'Add Supplemental Feed' button, located under the Supplemental Feed section of the Feeds page. This will prompt you to name the new feed and select an input method, which should be 'Content API'

  2. Connect the new Supplemental Feed to the corresponding Primary Feed(s).

    You'll see a list of all Primary Feeds in your account for you to select the ones you wish to supplement through the new Supplemental Feed. We suggest selecting all available Primary Feeds for the tool to be able to combine and optimize them.


  3. Copy the Supplemental Feed ID and paste it into the tool.

    Once the feed has been created, go back to the Supplemental Feed section and click on its name, this will display the feed ID. You can copy the ID and paste it under '' in the Optmyzr Express tool.

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