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PPC Vertical Benchmarks - FAQs

Frequently asked questions for PPC Vertical Benchmarks tool

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How are the accounts grouped inside a Vertical?

We determine the industry vertical of an account using the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) category and subcategory, the location, and the ad spend associated with that account.

How often is the benchmark data updated in the tool?

Benchmark data is updated once every week on Sunday.

How does the system determine exact date ranges for the comparison time period?

The system determines the date ranges for the comparison time period to ensure accurate performance analysis and meaningful insights. Here's a simplified explanation of how it works:

  • Week over Week: The current date range (i.e., ‘Current week’) represents the previous week, from Monday to Sunday. The compared date range corresponds to the week before the ‘Current week’.

  • Month over Month: The current date range starts from the first Monday of the current month until the last data update (latest Sunday). The compared date range is 28 days before the start of the current date range (i.e. before the first Monday of the month) to maintain a consistent four-week period.

  • Quarter over Quarter*: If this option is selected, the system compares the current quarter to the previous quarter.

  • Year over Year*: This comparison provides a year-over-year analysis of the performance metrics.

Using these standardized date ranges ensures consistent and reliable comparisons, allowing you to track changes, identify trends, and gain valuable insights into your account's performance over specific time frames.

* 'Quarter over Quarter' and 'Year over Year' comparison time periods are available exclusively to Optmyzr's Enterprise users. If you're a Pro or Pro Plus customer, you'll have access to 'Week over Week' and 'Month over Month' comparisons.

Why are only Average CPC, Conversion Rate, CPA, CTR, and ROAS available as options for comparison metrics?

The metrics that are available to be used in the tool are all ratio metrics, i.e., the final result is a division of two values.

It can be the case that the number of days being considered in a comparison may vary for the date ranges being used and hence the cumulative data of a certain value metric (for example, ‘Clicks’) across the number of days in the comparison can be highly varied.

What is the currency used to calculate cost-related metrics?

To ensure unbiased comparisons regardless of currency conversion rates, we convert all account currencies to USD. This allows for fair and accurate assessments across the board.

Is there a specific minimum number of accounts required in a pool before classifying them as belonging to a particular industry?

Yes, the system ensures an optimum number of accounts is considered before grouping them into an industry vertical. The exact number of accounts used in the comparative analysis is not disclosed (Optmyzr's proprietary method), but steps are taken to avoid comparisons with very small sample sizes.

If a specific IAB sub-category lacks the minimum threshold of accounts for meaningful analysis, data from the parent category is included to meet the threshold.

For example, let’s say you’ve chosen the following options:

  • Category: Automotive

  • Subcategory: Luxury

If there isn't a sufficient sample size for meaningful analysis in the "Luxury" subcategory, the analysis will be conducted for the broader "Automotive" category instead.

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