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Optmyzr's Tools and Supported Platforms
Optmyzr's Tools and Supported Platforms

List of all the Optmyzr's Tools, features and settings along with their supported platforms

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Metric and KPI Alerts

PPC Investigator

Data Integrations

Performance Comparison

PPC Account Audit

Search Terms N-Grams

Spend Projection

Geo Heatmap

Hour of the Week Analysis

Landing Page Analysis

Shopping Feed Audit

Shopping Analysis

Quality Score Tracker

Monitor Quality Score Components

PPC Vertical Benchmarks

Explore Traffic Segments

Monitor % Drop (Campaign Level)


Tools for Keywords and Search Terms


Keyword Lasso

Negative Keyword Finder

Pause Non Converting Keywords

Search Term N-Grams

Non-Converting Queries - Search

Non-Converting Queries - Shopping

Traffic Sculptor

One Word Keywords

Keyword De-Duper

High Performing Search Queries

Find Expensive Keywords

Keyword Report

Tools for Manual and Automated Bidding


Hour of Week Bid Adjustments

First Page Bridger

Optimize Target ROAS for Campaigns

Optimize Target CPA for Campaigns

Optimize Target ROAS for Ad Groups

Optimize Target CPA for Ad Groups

Conversion Grabber

Geo Bid Adjustments

Audience Bid Adjustments

Device Bid Adjustments

Optimize Values Rules - VBB

Suggested Bids

Change Bids Based on Target ACoS

Set Bids to Reach Target ACoS

Tools for Ads and Creatives


Ad Text Optimization (RSAs)

AB Testing for Ads

Create Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

Ad Text Optimization (ETAs)

Ad Copies with a Decline in CTR

Monitor Ad Strength for RSAs

Tools for Budgets


Optimize Budgets - Single Account

Budgets - Multi-Account Portfolio

Tools for Placements


Mobile Apps Exclusion

Smart Placement Exclusion - Automation

Account Level Placement Exclusion

Display Placement Exclusion

Exclude Placement from Kids' Content

Import Customer Lists

Bulk IP Exclusion

Tools for Shopping and PMax Campaigns


Manage Shopping Bids

Shopping Feed Audit

Shopping Analysis

Shopping Campaign Management

Feed Optimization

Shopping Attribute Bidder

Find Expensive Product Groups

Negative Keywords Finder - Shopping

Create Grip Structure

Shopping Campaign Builder

Product Group Refresher Pro

Other tools


Rule Engine


Optmyzr Express

Campaign Automator

Weather Based Campaigns

Workflow / Blueprints

Campaign Experiments



Anomaly Detector

Check Destination URLs

Check Sitelink URLs

Hourly tROAS Bids (Alpha)

Reach Target Monthly Budget

Pause When Budget Exceeds - Automation

Hourly Campaign Level Dayparts

Report Hourly Stats

Lin Rodnitzky Ratio

Utility Tools



Microsoft Teams


Data Integrations


Shareable Dashboard Settings

Automation Schedules

Manage Optmyzr Labels

Scripts Settings

Audit Logs & History

Automation History Logs

Optimization History Logs

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