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Signing up for Non-Endemic Amazon Display Ads
Signing up for Non-Endemic Amazon Display Ads
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Explore Amazon advertising opportunities and leverage Amazon’s audiences and targeting options if you’re a non-amazon seller.

The Non-endemic Display Ads for Amazon is still in the beta phase.

What is Non-Endemic Amazon Display?

The Non-endemic Amazon Display Ads allows service industry businesses to run display ads and engage users based on their interests/categories. Using these ads you can leverage different signals from Amazon customers as they shop, browse, and stream content across different Amazon tools.

These display ads can appear in the Amazon store and beyond—on Amazon-owned-and-operated sites such as, Twitch, IMDb, and thousands of third-party publisher websites and apps. Industries that can benefit from this feature include:

  1. Travel and hospitality

  2. Media and entertainment

  3. Consumer services

  4. Automotive

  5. Home and building services

  6. Education

This campaign type gives you the flexibility to choose between CPC (Cost Per Click) and vCPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) bid strategies. You can tailor your approach to align seamlessly with your business goals and campaign targets.

Account Sign-up

To make sure our advertisers don’t miss out on this growth opportunity, Optmyzr has partnered up with Amazon where Optmyzr users will be credited with $500 ad credit once they successfully register for a non-Amazon seller advertising account.

Follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Start by filling out this form to let us know that you’re interested. Once we receive your request, we’ll reach out over email.

  2. The next step is to register for a non-Amazon seller advertising account. You can do it by going to this page.

  3. Once you’ve completed the account verification successfully, go to Optmyzr’s account linking page and link the newly created account to Optmyzr.

  4. You’ll receive the $500 ad credit in your ads account. Once you’ve campaigns running and enough data, you can start optimizing your campaigns in Optmyzr.

Learn more about non-endemic Sponsored Display here.

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