What is Quality Score?

The Quality Score (QS) is a value that Google uses to determine how relevant the keywords, ads, and landing pages are to a user's query. It influences the position at which an ad shows, and how much you are paying per click. 

How does it work?

The Quality Score Tracker records quality score on a daily basis and shows the results at the account, campaign, ad group, and keyword level. This QS is weighted and is based on the number of impressions and traffic from Google Search on all devices. The higher the impressions, the more weight the keywords get.

You can see the QS at the account level to see how your account is performing. It is also possible to see a trend for the QS over time and compare any two statistics in the same chart. 

You can choose from Avg. CPC, QS, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, Cost per Conversion, Conversion Rate, and Avg. Position. 

When you connect a new Google Ads account to Optmyzr, the tool will be populated with Quality Score Data from the last 14 days in order to help you get started right away. The tool will start storing the historical QS data from then on.

How to get started

Select the Account, Campaign, or Ad Group you want the system to take into consideration when displaying the QS data. The Campaigns and Ad Groups in the list are color-coded by QS and segregated accordingly:

  • Green indicates a high QS 

  • Yellow means a medium QS

  • Red means a low QS

Select the date range you want to view QS data for. In case you wish to change the date range, you have to change the "end date" first. 

Note: If you recently linked your account back to Optmyzr, or are having any issues with the date ranges available, you can click on the "Force refresh data" option in the bottom left to fetch the latest Quality score data for the account.

Jump over to this article for information on how to understand the results. 

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