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Pause Low Quality Score Keywords - User Guide
Pause Low Quality Score Keywords - User Guide
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What is it?

The Pause Low Quality Score Keywords is an optimization created using the Rule Engine which helps you find and pause those keywords with a low quality score and which are not driving any conversions. 

Why should I use it?

Keywords with low quality score and little to no conversions can, at times, still accrue cost, and affect the overall quality score of your account. But we know these keywords were added there for a reason, and it's important for the overall health of your account to understand why it is they are performing poorly.

With the Pause Low Quality Score Keywords optimization, you can put them on hold while analyzing how to improve them, without actually deleting them. For example, sometimes the keyword per se is good, but it's not working well under a certain ad group. 

How does it work?

To get started, select the campaign(s) on the left side. You'll also see here a breakdown of the strategies being used, and whether to consider keywords with low impression, medium impression, high impression, or all. The Optimization Settings are set by default, but you can also modify the lowest allowed Quality Score and the conversion threshold to best suit your strategy. 

Analyzing the Results

In the results, you'll see the details for the keyword found, which ad group and campaign it belongs to, and its current match type. By default, you'll see its values for the current quality score, and its conversions and impressions for the last 30 days. More metrics are available in the column selector (outlined in orange in the screenshot below).  

If selected, the new status will be "paused" and the label "Paused for low QS" will be applied. 

Applying and Downloading Results

Once you've reviewed the suggestions, select the keywords you'd like to pause, and simply press the "Apply" button. You can also download these suggestions in a CSV format, as well as a Google Ads editor format. 

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