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Find Expensive Keywords - User Guide
Find Expensive Keywords - User Guide
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What is it?

This optimization was created using the Rule Engine to help you find expensive keywords and reduce their bids. The keywords suggested are ones with a higher CPA than a keyword would typically have in the campaign, or keywords without conversions but which have still undergone more clicks than normally required to get at least 1 conversion.

You can access the optimization from the Optimizations > For Bids tab, or directly from this link

How to use it

The settings for the optimization suggestions take 4 things into consideration:

  • Bid Reduction Percentage. In the default settings, it's set to 10%.

  • Expensiveness factor that is to be considered for suggestions. For example, 1.5 times the typical cost.

  • Lowest allowed bid. In this case, it's set at 0.10.

  • Highest allowed bid. In this case, it's set at 10.

In other words, the settings define that if a keyword is 1.5 times as expensive as the typical keyword, and its bid ranges from 0.10 to 10, then reduce its bid by 10%.

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