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What is the Rule Engine

The Rule Engine lets you create custom optimizations that can make bulk changes to your Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts. These can be strategies that can help you bid to a target CPA or, give you a list of keywords and ad groups that are more expensive than their peers. The suggestions can be reviewed and applied immediately, and the process can also be automated by running the recipes on a schedule. 

Understanding its Structure

The Rule Engine has three levels that help you organize, construct and apply rules:

  • Recipes - This is the highest level. Each recipe can contain multiple rules, and it is possible to run multiple rules in a sequence using a recipe. Each recipe is essentially a group of rules.
  • Rules - This mid-level contains the rules. Each rule can contain multiple conditions and associated actions. All conditions in a rule need to be satisfied for actions to be applied.
  • Conditions and Actions - This is the lowest level and the one where the configurations are set. Each set of conditions can have one or more actions associated with it.

How to set it up

In the Rule Engine, you can create a recipe, which comprises a set of rules that’ll perform certain actions based on designated conditions. These rules, conditions, and actions are defined by you and are based on your own needs. 

You can use our instant recipes (pre-built sets of rules) to get started or add your own custom recipe, with the option of copying the settings for a recipe from another account. 

Instant Recipes

There are some pre-built recipes available for performing specific actions within your account. These are called Instant Recipes, and you can select any of these according to your requirements. Some examples of instant recipes are: Find Expensive Keywords, Bid to Target CPA, Find Expensive Product Groups, and more. You can find the complete list here.

Custom Recipes

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