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How To: Creating Custom Strategies
Custom Strategies in Rule Engine III: Create an Action
Custom Strategies in Rule Engine III: Create an Action
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Creating an Action

Start by defining the type of value to be used in bid changes. This can be a constant number, a percentage, a metric, or an expression. Then choose a minimum and maximum bid. This ensures that even if the condition is met, the system won’t set the bid below or above a designated limit.

Available Actions

There are multiple actions that can be performed, however, they will depend on the level or entity on which you are applying the actions. 

Modify CPC Bids: Increase CPC Bids | Decrease CPC Bids | Set Bids
Modify Status: Enable | Pause
Modify Labels: Add Labels | Remove Labels
Include in Reports: Matching suggestions will be included in the report. No changes will be made.
Modify CPM Bids: Increase CPM Bids | Decrease CPM Bids | Set CPM Bids

Ad Text Replace: Replace text in all headlines and/or description lines:

  1. You can select “Match Case” - to find text with the same case and then replace it.

  2. You can select “Match Whole Word” - to find the exact same word and then replace it.

Note: If you don't select "Match Whole Word" and try to find "Shop" and replace it with "shops", then the words Shopping will become "shopsping".

Rules and Strategies

After creating the action, you'll be directed back to the rule page. Here you can:

  • View all the conditions that are part of the rule.

  • Edit the conditions, duplicate or delete the actions.

  • Add any extra actions to be taken if the conditions are met.

Once you're done with this rule, click done to go to the strategy. On the strategy page, you can view the different rules that are part of the strategy.

Exclude Recently Applied Changes

On the Rule page you can exclude any recently applied changes at the rule level for today, since yesterday, or for the last 7, 14, 30, and 60 days. 

Note: this feature will exclude recent changes done for the same level in Rule Engine, across any strategy. For example, if you have two strategies (1 & 2) for device bid adjustments, and select "Exclude Recent Changes", then the device bid adjustments changed by strategy 2 will be excluded from strategy 1's results.

A common use case for this would be when you're running daily rules to change bids, as it would prevent bids from stacking up.

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