Custom Date Ranges in Rule Engine
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The custom date range feature can be used to exclude a certain time period (for example, only consider data from the previous month without including this past week), or to set a 30-day period that begins on a determined day.

Custom Date Range Use Case

For example, say you want to grab data for a whole month's time, but for the past 5 days, you've had a particular promotion or offer. Including these past 5 days could mean the overall numbers might spike in an uneven direction, so you need to exclude the past 5 days from the analysis. 

The way to do this would be to set a Start Date for 35 days ago, and an End Date for 6 days ago (5 previous days to exclude and today). This way you'll exclude from the past 5 days from the strategy, and you'll still get data for a whole month's time.

When using a custom date range, it's important to keep in mind that the system considers a number of days and not specific dates. 

Adding Custom Date Ranges to a Rule Engine Strategy

You can add a new Custom Date Range by pressing the "settings" dropdown on the right of the screen, under "suggestions". This will display various options, and you'll need to select the one that says, "Date ranges".

This will prompt a sidebar with any previously created custom date ranges. To create a new one, simply press "Add Custom Date Ranges" and input the name, start date, and end date. When you are done adding or editing custom date ranges, press on save and you'll be taken back to the strategy screen.

The use of custom date ranges should go hand in hand with the frequency you are using to schedule a strategy.

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