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Automation in Rule Engine
Automation in Rule Engine
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Getting Started

On the landing page of Rule Engine, you will see a list of all the strategies you’ve created. Click the 'View Suggestions" button of the desired strategy to open the Suggestions Preview page. You can also access the suggestions preview from the strategy's rule editor as well.

You can also automate a Strategy by clicking on the button present under the 'Automation Status' section of a desired strategy, from the suggestions page of the strategy, or if you come across a page on Optmyzr that shows suggestions generated from a strategy.

Preview Suggestions

On the preview page, you'll find an overview of the suggested changes, with details for the actions to be taken and which of the rules in the strategy each item matched. To begin with the automation process of that strategy, click on the 'Automate Strategy' button present on the top right side of the page.

Bulk Automation of Strategies

You have the option to automate multiple Rule Engine strategies at once from the landing page of Rule Engine. You have two options for bulk automation:

  1. Automate Strategies for the Same Account in Bulk

  2. Automate Global Strategies from Multiple Accounts in Bulk

To get started click on the 'Bulk Actions' button present on the top right side of the list of strategies.

When in 'Bulk Edit' mode, select the strategies you want to perform a certain action on and choose a desired action from the options present on the top left side of the list i.e., Create/Edit Automation, Enable/Pause Automation, Make Global, Duplicate, or Delete.

If you wish to create new bulk automation then, select the strategies and click on the 'Create/Edit Automation' button present under the 'Automation' dropdown. You can refer to the process described below to continue the scheduling.

Global and account-specific strategies can't be automated in bulk for multiple accounts, only Global strategies can be automated for multiple accounts. If you select both Global and account-specific, you'll be able to automate them for the current account only.

Schedule and Configure the Automation

Pressing on the 'Automate Strategy' button will prompt a confirmation box with the final details for you to review. This includes the Account ID, Account Name, and Account Email for the strategy. 

The scheduling options are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, you can choose the date of the month for the strategy to be run, and the time slot for it to run. 

The automation schedules have 3-hour time slots where you can set the automation to run. As this process depends on factors like server availability, the number of operations in the Google Ads queue, etc., there can't be one specific time defined, and that's why we work on three-hour slots.

You don't have to worry about the automation as the system keeps checking regularly and if something fails, we are notified.

Automation Options

Four different automation options give you different levels of control. You can choose one or more options while setting up the automation.

  • Send Notifications - This input field allows you to enter comma-separated email addresses in order to send a list of the suggestions in a CSV to all the specified emails. You only get an email when there are suggestions even if the automation runs every day.

    Even if the action in the Rule Engine strategy is set to make changes, entering emails in this input field will not make any changes and will only notify you over email.

    It is a great way to start automating optimization strategies because you can review the suggestions before changes are applied.

  • Export result to Google Spreadsheet - This lets you write the suggestions generated in a Google Spreadsheet. When you select this option, you are required to enter the URL of the spreadsheet where the suggestions should be put.

    The suggestions get overwritten with every automated run of the strategy. To enable us to write to the spreadsheet you need to share it with the email

    Note: The option to export results to a spreadsheet is disabled in bulk automation creation, and the reason for this is that the same spreadsheet cannot be used to add automation results for all the strategies. Each strategy may have its own specific results and requirements, so using a single spreadsheet for all strategies could lead to conflicts and inaccuracies.

  • Apply Changes - This will automatically apply the changes if the action selected in the Rule Engine strategy is to apply changes. If the action selected in the strategy is to only 'include in the report', no changes will be applied even if this option is selected.

  • Add to Alerts - This option will generate an alert whenever there are new results available in your Rule Engine strategy.

Automation - Adding Alerts

Checking the 'Add to Alerts' option in the automation scheduler pop-up will automatically generate an alert and send it to your 'My Alerts' page in Optmyzr when there are suggestions available. It is a great way to get notified when suggestions are available based on your own custom strategy.

This feature also supports sending these alerts directly to Slack. This will send notifications to the account owner and every team member who has marked the account as a favorite. You can see all the alerts under the "Active Alerts" section.

The following members will be notified and will be able to see it as part of their alerts:

  1. Users who own the account for which the alert was added

  2. Parent users

  3. Users who starred account

You can read more about the Slack integration for alerts here.

Automation Schedules and History

You can find the details of past and scheduled automation in the Automation Schedules and Automation History pages under the Optimizations tab.

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