The Rule Engine from Optmyzr lets you create custom optimizations that can make bulk changes to your Google Ads account. These can be strategies that can help you bid to a target CPA or, give you a list of keywords and ad groups that are more expensive than their peers. These custom optimizations, also called recipes, can be automated to run on a schedule. 

Automating a Recipe

On the Rule Engine’s main page, you will see a list of all the recipes you’ve created. Press on the recipe's name, and on the options go to Preview Suggestions. You can also access the suggestions preview from the recipe's rule editor 

Preview Suggestions

In the preview page, you'll find an overview of the suggested changes, with details for the actions to be taken and which of the rules in the recipe each item matched to. On the top right corner you'll find three action buttons: Send Email, Automate and Instant Apply. 

Schedule the Automation

Pressing on the Automate button will prompt a confirmation box with the final details for you to review. This includes the Account ID, Account Name and Account Email for the recipe. The scheduling options are Daily, Weekly and Monthly, you can choose the date of the month for the recipe to be run, and the time of the day to do so. 

When you schedule automation for 12:00 PM, it means that the automation will run after 12:00 PM and not necessarily at 12:00 PM. The running of the scheduled automation depends on the factors like server availability, size of the feed and number of operations in Google Ads queue, and this is why sometimes you can see a lag in the time.

You don't have to worry about the automation as the system keeps checking regularly and if something fails, we are notified.

Set the Actions 

For the automation process you have three options to chose from on how to proceed:

  • Send Notifications. 

This option will only send an email with the suggested changes and will not apply any of them.

  • Apply Changes. 

This option will apply the suggested changes.

  • Send Notifications and Apply Changes. 

Checking both options will apply the changes, as well as send an email notification.

Review and Automate

Before the automation is enabled you can request a review from an Optmyzr specialist. This process takes 48 - 72 hours.

If you have reviewed it yourself and want to enable the automation simply click the 'Automate' button.

Automation Schedules and History

You can find the details of past and scheduled automations in the Automation Schedules and Automation History pages under the Optimizations tab.

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