How should I use ROAS in the Rule Engine?

When selecting ROAS as a metric, the system considers it as a Constant Value (not as a percentage). 

For E.g. If the cost is $100 and the total conversion value is $500, Google Ads would report Conv Value / Cost to be 5. This is multiplied by 100 to get the ROAS which in this case will be 500%. 

How do I duplicate a strategy? 

If you want to create a duplicate of the strategy in the same account, go to the all Strategies main page and under "Actions", press "Duplicate".

However, if you were looking to use the strategy across accounts, you would have to convert it into a Global Strategy, making it available across all your accounts without the need to copy it onto each one manually. 

Global Strategies can also be included in Custom Workouts and can be accessed directly from the Optimizations tab. 

You can convert a strategy to a global strategy on the strategy pages, by modifying it through the right-side actions and use the same action button to revert it back to an account-specific strategy as well. 

How to restrict bids changed in Rule Engine?

You can restrict the maximum bid to go up to a limited number using formulas, a number (like USD 10), a metric (like Top Position CPC), or an expression.

For example, you can limit the maximum bid to not be higher than 125% of the current bid.

Optimizing Automated Bidding and Portfolio Strategies

Automated Bidding and Portfolio strategies are fully automated by Google Ads, and no 3rd party tool will be able to edit them, as Google aggregates the performance data for everything in the portfolio and uses that to determine bids.

The workaround we've created for this, based on the restriction Google has, is changing the target at the ad group level, using the Target CPA or Target ROAS strategy in the Rule Engine. 

These strategies, however, only work with standard strategies.

Optimizing Target CPA or Target ROAS at the Campaign Level

You can tweak Target CPA or Target ROAS at the campaign level using the Rule Engine. These are the changes that can be applied:

  1. Target ROAS for smart shopping

  2. Target ROAS for standard shopping campaigns

  3. Target ROAS for search campaigns

  4. Target CPA for search campaigns

Note: Please make sure that while making the rules, the correct advertising channel/sub-channel is chosen, otherwise the tROAS changes will be applied to all the campaigns at one go.

For Microsoft Ads

Due to Microsoft Ads API restrictions, if a campaign has no performance data, it will not show up in the Rule Engine reports, when applying such action. 

Please note that once applied, the changes may take from 20 minutes up to an hour to appear in our reports.

For Amazon Ads

We don't support the suggested bid and suggested bid range in the Amazon Rule Engine because of restrictions in the Amazon API.

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