Date Ranges used in Optimizations
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Date Ranges used for Suggestions

The following are the periods used to suggest recommendations for each optimization

  • Keyword Lasso: Last 90 days

  • Traffic Sculptor: Last 90 days

  • Keyword De-duper: Last 30 days

  • First Page Bridger: Last 30 days

  • Conversion Grabber: Last 30 days

  • One-word Keyword: Last 30 days

  • Non-Converting Keywords:  Last 30 days

  • AB Testing for Ads: Last 30 days

  • Ad Text Optimization (RSA): Last 30 days

  • Display Placement Exclusion: Last 30 days

  • Mobile Apps Exclusion: Last 30 days

  • Account level placement exclusion: Last 90 days

  • Non-Converting Queries (Search and Shopping): Last 90 days & Last 30 days

  • Optimize Budgets - Single Account: This budget cycle (read more)

  • Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio: This month

Default Date Ranges in Optmyzr Express

  • Age Range Bid Adjustment: Last 90 days

  • Push Keywords to First Page: Last 30 days

  • Add New Keywords: Last 90 days 

  • Gender Bid Adjustments: Last 90 days

  • Pause Low Performing Ads: Last 30 days

  • More Traffic for Converting Keywords: Last 30 days

  • More Traffic for Converting Products: Last 30 days

  • Fix Ads with Issues (RSA) - Last 30 days

  • Fix Impression Share Lost Due To Budget - Campaign Budget - Last 30 days

  • Increase Impression Share - Converting Target CPA Ad Group - Last 30 days

  • Increase Impression Share - Converting Target ROAS Ad Group - Last 30 days

  • Enable Converting Keywords - Last 120 days

  • Add Missing Ads (RSA) - Last 30 days

  • PMax Asset Groups with no Audience Signal - All Time

Offset Date Range

The offset date range option in optimization tools lets you set a number of days to push back the data. This takes care of conversion delays. 

You can use this to exclude a certain time period (for example, only consider data from the previous month without including this past week), or to set a 30-day period that begins on a determined day.

When using a custom date range, it's important to keep in mind that the system considers the number of days and not specific dates.

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