Use the Performance Comparison widget to compare the performance of two segments of information. Custom conversions are supported in this widget.

Some of the ways you can use this widget: 

  1. Compare the performance of an account or campaign selection for two date ranges.

  2. Compare the performance of an account/campaigns/labels on different networks and devices for the same date range. Eg: Compare Last week's performance of Brand Campaigns on Mobile vs Desktops.

How can I customize the widget?

1. Insert Dynamic Date Range to the table by using syntax explained here.  For example, you can use {SD2: dd MM yy} - {ED2: dd MM yy} for the system to dynamically pick up the date ranges being compared.

2. Customize Campaign Selection to pull data from specific campaigns only. 

3. Segment data by network and devices.

Widget Preview:

Demo Video

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