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The Audit Widgets let you deep dive into your account to find optimization opportunities at the campaign and ad group level. You can audit a recently acquired Google Ads account to find optimization opportunities or audit an account you've had for a while to make sure the account structure is still good. 

Use Cases

  1. Prioritize actions by identifying optimization opportunities for Google Ads accounts that you manage.

  2. Do an audit of a Google Ads account structure at the ad group and campaign level for a recently inherited account.

*This feature is only available for Google Ads account audit.

How can Audit Widgets help? 

Audit Widgets help you find scenarios like:

  • Too many or too few ad copies in an ad group - Gauge conversions per impression by analyzing the performance of the ad copy.

  • List all ad groups with only one ad - Identify the opportunity to add more ads to test for a better ad copy.

  • Find ad groups with more than 15 keywords - Boost CTR, Quality Score, and ad rank by splitting ad groups with too many keywords. This will help write more relevant ad texts for keywords in the new ad groups.

  • Find campaigns that have less than 5 negative keywords - Identify campaigns that have too few negatives as it is an indicator of those campaigns getting irrelevant traffic that can be reduced.

  • List campaigns that have zero Sitelinks - Adding Sitelinks is a good way to improve click-through rates and customer experience.

How to use the Audit Widgets?

Launch Report Designer 

In Report Designer, click on the Audit Widgets section to expand and access the ad group and campaign audit widgets. Click on the "Ad group Audit" or "Campaign Audit" to launch the widgets.

Define rules and choose filters for the Ad group /Campaign audit widget

  • Define the rule to show top "n" ad groups/campaigns with less than/more than/exactly "x" ad group or keywords/sitelinks or keywords respectively

  • Choose to sort by impressions, clicks, cost, and count**

  • Select the metric columns to view from the drop-down menu in "Choose Columns"

**Count specifies the number of the attribute/entity that is present in the campaign or ad group. For example, if you are looking for ad groups with more than 20 keywords, the count shows the number of keywords in each ad group that is listed.

Preview the widget and save the report.

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