Spreadsheet Data Import Widgets

User Guide for the Spreadsheet Data Table and Chart reporting widgets

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Spreadsheet Data Import Widget

The Spreadsheet Data Import widget allows you to pull data from a Google spreadsheet and include it as a table in your report. 

To start using this widget, enter the spreadsheet URL inside the textbox.

After the link is entered the spreadsheet data is automatically fetched and the columns are available for selection.

To make sure the spreadsheet is accessible, it should have the correct sharing settings. The sharing settings should be set to Anyone with the link or be shared with the email rule-engine@optmyzr-automation.iam.gserviceaccount.com.

Spreadsheet Chart Widget

Report and map custom data from a spreadsheet to a chart/graph using the Spreadsheet Chart Widget. This allows you to, for example, easily compare the remaining inventory units for each product type you sell.

Enter the Spreadsheet URL in the widget settings and choose the desired columns from the sheet to be plotted against the X & Y axes.

  • The X-axis represents the Labels, such as the different product types (e.g., T-Shirts, Shoes, Jeans).

  • The Y-axis can be used to plot the Values associated with those labels, like the number of units remaining in stock.

The widget settings also allow you to select your desired sheet in case your spreadsheet contains multiple. You can also give a title to your chart.

The 'Top Category by Units' option lets you specify the number of different 'Labels' that will be displayed on the chart sorted by the highest in 'Value'. For example, if you set it to 5, the chart will display the top 5 categories with the highest values. The 'Other' category consolidates data from all the labels that didn't meet the specified threshold and displays them as a single category.

The Chart Type option gives you 5 chart types to choose from, i.e., Bar, Column, Doughnut, Pie - 3D, or Pie.

If you have the widgets in a scheduled report, it will refresh the data before sending the report via email.

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