Can't see Conversion data in my Facebook widget

Facebook doesn't return conversions that are set up using the Facebook Pixel under the standard conversion headings like leads, reason why you don't see any data for these conversion fields in the Facebook widgets. 

We've added additional conversion fields to the Facebook widgets that have (FB Pixel) in brackets. You'll have to select these to see the conversion data from Facebook pixels

How does the new attribution change affect Facebook reporting?

Due to Apple enforcing its policy, Facebook ads recently made a change to the attribution settings because of which some data is neither available through the Facebook Ads API nor on the Facebook Ads interface.

Facebook has added a new column called attribution settings which can be set at the ad set or campaign level. Old campaigns that are paused will continue to have the old settings but new or active campaigns will use by default the 7 day-click window.

If ad sets have different attribution settings, those will be used.

If campaigns have different attribution settings, you won't be able to see the aggregate data/summary view for all the campaigns together.

If a campaign has multiple ad sets, and those ad sets have different attribution settings (ex 7 days and 28 days click), then there won't be aggregated data and you will see a dash. To aggregate the data, all ad sets should have the same attribution settings.

The same change happened in the Facebook Ads API so we have updated the Facebook widgets by adding a new option.

  • You can now use a unified attribution setting (recommended). It is the one used to see data on the Facebook Ads interface. The preview might show a hyphen at the account level unless all the campaigns have the same attribution setting.

  • You can use the default attribution setting i.e. 7-day click attribution. It is the one Facebook Ads sends data for, even if campaigns have different attribution settings/or ad sets have different attribution settings. The data may not always match with the data in the Facebook Ads interface because the Facebook interface uses a unified attribution setting. This setting is recommended if you have 7-day attribution for all campaigns.

Is there a workaround in Optmyzr?

To see account-level data, you can select a multi-account widget like KPIs.

If you have multiple attribution settings for campaigns inside your account and you still want to see a summary of Conversions (Results), you might want to use the Multi-account widgets with the "Conv" metric selected.

This workaround would be possible only if ad sets inside campaigns have a unique attribution setting, otherwise, any such campaign will not be included in the aggregate.

This result can also be achieved by reporting on the "All Conv" metric if you want to stick to Facebook widgets.

Note: You can use all conversion metrics inside Facebook widgets to get data at the account level, even if the custom conversions from Facebook will show a hyphen.

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