What does it do

The Multi-Account Report tool lets you include data from multiple Google Ads, Bing, Analytics and Facebook accounts in the same report. 

You can also aggregate data across accounts using the specialized multi-account reporting widgets.  

How to use it

To start creating multi-account report templates, select 'Multi-Account Reports' from the Reporting drop down.

Add Account Picker Widgets

The 'Account Selector' widget lets you add multiple accounts to the report. You can select the campaign you want to consider or leave the selection for All Campaigns to consider the whole account. 

Multiple account selector widgets can be added for the same account, to select different labels and campaigns on each. Each added account selector will show up as individual widgets.

Multi-Account Reporting Widgets

To aggregate data across accounts, use the specialized widgets - Multi-Account KPI, Multi-Account Summary, and Multi-Account Top Campaigns. These widgets aggregate the data for all PPC accounts selected.

Multi-Account KPI Widget

This widget lets you report on absolute numbers or compare key metrics like clicks, impressions, conversions, etc by aggregating data from multiple accounts (using Account Selector widget) over two date ranges. 

You can report on the performance of these key metrics for specific devices and network combinations. For example, you can get insights into how the performance of Google Ads and Facebook accounts on mobile phones has changed.

Multi-Account Summary Widget

The widget lets you review overall metrics performance for a particular date range at the account or campaign level for multiple PPC accounts together. This is helpful if you wanted to, for example, report on the summary of Brand campaigns of a client on Google Ads and Bing account. 

To establish this, create labels for all brand campaigns in Google Ads and Bing and select those in the Account Picker widget in Optmyzr. 

Multi-Account Top Campaigns Widget

The widget lets you report the performance of top campaigns for multiple accounts together. The data can be sorted by traffic, cost, or conversions for the selected date range.

Multi-Account Time-Wise Stats

Report on the performance of your account/campaigns for a selected date range. Break down the data by day, week, or month. For example, if you're reporting on performance for the last six months, break it down by month on the table.

Multi-Account Performance Comparison

Use the Performance Comparison widget to compare the performance of two segments of information.

Some of the ways you can use this widget:

  1. Compare the performance of an account or campaign selection for two date ranges
  2. Compare the performance of an account/campaigns/labels on different networks and devices for the same date range. Eg: Compare Last weeks performance of Brand Campaigns on Mobile vs Desktops

Demo Video

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