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How to change the Language in your Reports?

Once you finished working on your report and you've saved the changes, you can select "View Report" in the actions column on the Report Template page.

On the upper right side of the page, you'll be able to choose the language for your report and widgets. 

How to integrate Optmyzr with a call tracking software?

If you're feeding data from your call tracking software into Google Analytics, we can access the information through Analytics, and you can report that data through Optmyzr in Reporting. Our system doesn't integrate directly with call tracking services. You can use the Google Analytics custom filters to display the data for the call tracking software. 

How can I add call extensions conversions to my report?

If you are already tracking call conversions, you should be able to see the data in the Click Types widget (it shows data broken down specifically for phone calls, site links, and other click types) or the Conversion Type widget. If you are tracking the calls in Analytics, you can filter the data to display only calls in the widgets. 

Can I report on Yahoo or other PPC tools?

You can add data from other PPC tools (like Yahoo) to Optmyzr by integrating those other PPC tools into Google Analytics. Once you integrate them, you can link your Google Analytics account to Optmyzr and use the Analytics custom filters to display the data in Reporting.

Can I report on Trial Campaigns?

If the trial campaign is active, it will appear in the Top Campaigns widget in Reporting. 

Currently, they appear along with the rest of the Base campaigns, but you can use Google Ads labels and report on them separately.

If I have a report set for two date ranges, will the dates automatically change if I schedule it?  

If the date range set is relative, like last month and the month before last, then it will automatically change when the report is scheduled. But if the date range is specific (Custom Date Range), like August 17th to September 17th, then it will not change when the report is scheduled.

Can I add my own image or text comments?

Yes, you can include text observations by adding a Text Box, or a custom image or chart by adding Image Box, both under the Layout tab.

It is possible to use clickable links in the Text Box widget by starting the URL text with "https://"

Can I Whitelabel the reports?

Yes, you can white-label reports on any of the paid subscription plans. Follow the steps below to rebrand your report:

  1. Launch 'Report Template and Designer' to edit a pre-built template or create a custom report.

  2. Whitelabel report on the 'Cover page' widget: 

  • Select 'Hide Optmyzr Logo' to white-label your report.

  • Add your company logo.

How do I transfer the report schedule to a different team member?

Only the Optmyzr account owner has the option to edit the owner's email of the schedule and update it for a single schedule or in bulk. So, you need to request the account owner to make the required changes for you.

Sending reports to recipients only if KPI Criteria is met

This option allows you to have a rule-based schedule of reports. With this, you can define conditions for which the reports will and won't be sent out to your recipients, given a deviation of more or less than the given value of a metric. This means that the system will send the automated report only to your address and not to any of the other recipients if the condition satisfies.

For example, if you don't want to notify others if the count of impressions is less than x, you could create a condition to achieve the same. You'll receive the automated report, but the rest of the recipients won't.

Type of Campaigns Included

The Report Designer considers both active and removed campaigns. In the selector you'll see the active campaigns, however, in the Account Level numbers in widgets you'll see data for all campaigns - active or removed.

What are the requirements to upload custom cover pages and footer images?

We support both .jpg and .png files. The required image size for cover pages is 990px (width) x 1400px (height) and the required size for footers is 990px (width) x 55px (height)

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