All the reports that are scheduled to be emailed from your Optmyzr can be seen on the 'My Scheduled Reports.' The schedules can also be edited on this page. These are the fields you can view on this page:

  • Template: The name of the template that was used to schedule the report

  • Google Ads Account: The account for which the report was scheduled

  • Schedule: The frequency (monthly, weekly, daily), dates and the times the report is set to be emailed

  • Created by: The Optmyzr user who created the schedule

  • To Email: The email addresses to which the report is set to be emailed

The schedules can be edited using the edit icon. You can edit the email addresses, the frequency, date and time for the report. It is also possible to write the text of the email that is sent. If you want to remove a schedule, you can delete it using the delete icon next to the schedule.

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