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All the reports which are scheduled (active or inactive) to be emailed from your Optmyzr account can be seen on the 'My Scheduled Reports'. The schedules can also be edited on this page. These are the fields you can view on this page:

  1. Account: The account(s) part of the report template with some contextual information such as name, ID, and platform. A different icon is displayed in case it is a multi-platform report.

    If the template contains more than one account, the information relative to the additional accounts would appear by clicking on the +'x' Others. You can sort reports using this column.

  2. Template name: The name of the template that was used to schedule the report. You can sort reports using this column.

  3. Frequency: It includes information on when the report is set to be sent (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) with dates and times along with the format (PDF or link).

  4. Sent by: It indicates who sent the report schedule. The Optmyzr account owner has the ability to change the owner of the report schedules to any member of the team if or when required.

    This option is restricted to only account owners and not available to the rest of the team as it can make very sensitive changes to transfer report schedules.

    The new owner of the report schedule would receive a copy of the report if the option 'Send a copy of the email to owner' was selected as part of the settings.

    Note: A warning will be shown in case the user doesn't have access to certain accounts, as it will lead to reporting failures.

  5. Sent to: The email addresses to which the report is set to be emailed. You can sort reports using this column.

  6. Status: If the toggle is grey it means the schedule is currently inactive and no report is being sent, if the toggle is green the schedule is active. You can enable or disable that option to change the status. You can sort reports using this column.

It is possible to select all or selectively pick the relevant report schedules you wish to edit. If you select more than one account, you can either delete them, change their status (enable/disable) or edit the email it is sent by.

Edit Schedule

For each individual report schedule, you will get the option to edit it or delete it.

On clicking on the edit schedule option, it will open a right-side panel where you can change the language settings for the report, the frequency, time of the day, recipients, subject, and body of the email.


On clicking on the filter option, you can select which type of schedule you wish to see on the page. You can select Active or Inactive, if no option is selected, it will contain both types of schedules. You can search or select which accounts you want to see. And you can filter by frequency as well.

Search Bar

The search bar allows you to quickly find templates across all pages in the tool by searching for their name.

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