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Accessing Templates Across Accounts
Accessing Templates Across Accounts
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How to differentiate a Single account report from Multi-Account Template?

Our Single Account Report supports only Google Ads or Microsoft Ads platforms, which means you will recognize them on the Create and Edit Report pages by their respective icon (see screenshot below).

If the Account Type Column contains only the Google Ads icon, it means the report contains at the moment one or more Google Ads accounts. If there are both Google Ads and Facebook Ads icons, it means that the report template contains at least one account of each platform.

Note: A Multi-Account report template would only have the following options on the menu available on the right: View & Schedule Report, Duplicate, Rename, and Delete.

Access your Favorites from any Account

Once you've favorited a report template, you'll be able to access it from any account you are working on - no need to switch back and forth! Click on the menu and select the option Open for <account name>.

This option is not available for Reports containing multiple platforms. You can refer to the template having Account Type as Google Ads or Microsoft Ads.

Convert your templates to Multi-Account Templates

On the right side of each report, you'll see the actions applicable to each template. For Single Account Template, you can either View and Schedule Report, Duplicate (it will create an exact copy of a report), or Duplicate as a Multi-Account report (creating a copy of the same report but with multi-account reporting capabilities, like adding more platforms in the account picker).

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