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Ensuring the data for Scheduled Reports is Complete
Ensuring the data for Scheduled Reports is Complete
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Google Ads and Google Analytics take some time to publish all the data into advertiser's accounts, which can be problematic if you send out a report too soon after the month ends. 

For example, did you know that Impression Share data won't be ready until 13 hours after the day ends? Even click and impression data can take 3 hours to be completely posted to your account. Google Ads sheds some light on reporting delays here. When it comes to conversion data from GA that is imported to Google Ads, this can take up to 3 days.

Source:, May 2015

Because you don't want to report incomplete data to your clients, we recommend sending monthly reports no earlier than the 2nd of the month, and no sooner than the 4th if you include goals from GA.

Weekly reports (for weeks ending Sunday) should be sent no earlier than Tuesday morning or Thursday morning if you include GA data.

You get the picture... it takes time for Google Ads and GA to get the data ready so keep this in mind when deciding when to send your reports to clients or stakeholders. Review and edit all your scheduled reports in Optmyzr.

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