Pausing or Deleting Report Schedules
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To stop a scheduled report from being sent out, you have two options: either deleting the report schedule as a whole (this would permanently remove it from the page, but the report template would still exist) or temporarily disabling it (by pausing it).

For either of these actions, you'll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Scheduled Reports Page.

  2. Select the account for which you want to delete the Report Schedule. You can also search for the template name, email in the search box. For a more advanced search, you can use the filter option (for example to look at specific accounts, only active schedules, or a certain frequency).

To temporarily disable the report from being sent out on a schedule, head on to the Status column and switch the toggle. Once the schedule is disabled it would be displayed as grey.

To delete the whole report schedule, because you no longer require it on this page, click on the three-dot option and select Delete Schedule. It is also possible to disable or delete the schedules in bulk.

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