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About: Enhanced Scripts
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What are Enhanced Scripts?

Our Enhanced Scripts make it easy for marketers to use powerful Google Ads Scripts to automate repetitive account management functions in Google Ads accounts. Users are not required to have any programming knowledge to use Enhanced Scripts as no coding creation or editing is needed.

How do they work? 

Enhanced Scripts provide many useful pre-written scripts that can be customized to run for Google Ads accounts. This customization is done through an easy-to-use interface and doesn't require editing any code. You can perform account management tasks like automatically checking destination URLs, Pause Keywords with low Quality Score, etc. 

It's possible to edit script settings and manage them entirely from the Optmyzr interface after a one-time upload to the Google Ads account.

Why should you use them?

  • No coding skills required to reap benefits of Google Ads scripts.

  • Carry out bulk automation tasks more efficiently.

  • Manage settings for multiple scripts in one place in your Optmyzr account.

  • Run scripts for individual Google Ads accounts or at the MCC account level with unique settings for each child account.

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