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How to schedule a report for all linked accounts in Optmyzr

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The All Accounts Dashboard supports the option to get a scheduled report of all the ad accounts linked to your Optmyzr account. Please note that this feature is currently not available for Yahoo Japan Ads.

You can choose to email the report as a CSV to multiple people on the team. You can schedule the report by clicking on the download icon on the dashboard and selecting 'Schedule CSV Download.'

This will open a side tray to schedule the report, where you can choose the frequency (weekly or monthly) and at what time you want to get the report. You can also enter the emails of those who should get the report. If you want the CSV on a daily basis, please contact

The report is emailed as a CSV file and can include the full list of accounts or only data from starred accounts.

The downloaded file will include all the supported columns, and you can filter out directly in the Excel file any data that is irrelevant to you at the time. The following columns are currently not supported, although they are in our roadmap for the future:

  • % of Monthly Budget Spent

  • Calculated Metrics

  • Imported Metrics

If you are interested in getting an update on any of these columns, write to for more information.

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