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What is it?

The Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 is a tool that lets you create campaigns with multiple levels of product partitions through a single click. You can create multiple campaigns with hundreds of ad groups and thousands of product groups in just a few minutes. 

It lets you create standard shopping campaigns as well as Smart shopping and Performance Max campaigns.

Note: support for Performance Max is currently in Beta. Therefore, we recommend verifying the changes being made to your account.

Why should you use it?

  • Save Time. Creating a detailed structure for your shopping feed that includes multiple shopping campaigns with hundreds of ad groups and thousands of product groups can take hours and in some cases even days. The time spent building these campaigns is directly proportional to the size of the product feed and the level of detail you want to use to create the product groups. 

  • Avoid Error. When you create product groups in Google Ads, everything has to be set up manually which increases the margin of human error.

  • Gain More Control. Given the manual nature of this exercise, users tend to create fewer product partitions which limit the level at which you can control the bids. Even if you are running smart shopping campaigns, you can create different campaigns for different product categories and have a different target ROAS for them.

How does it work? 

The Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 pulls the data from the Google Shopping feed/product feed and then lets you define a structure for campaigns, ad groups and product groups without having to create each product group manually.

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