Microsoft Ads API Restrictions
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The Microsoft Ads API has certain restrictions that come in place when using the Ad Text Optimization tool and the Rule Engine for Microsoft Ads.

If any entity (campaign, ad group, keyword, or ad) doesn't have any performance data for the selected date range, the Microsoft Ads API won't return any data for it. Due to this API limitation, our tool won't be able to show results for all such entities. You can choose to alter the date range to see the results provided the entities have performed or got some impressions/activity in that determined time period.

For example, in Rule Engine, if you want to report on campaigns with zero impressions in the last X days, it won't be possible as our tool won't have any data to process.

Please note that once applied, the changes may take from 20 minutes up to 6 hours to be reflected. This is a restriction placed by the Microsoft Ads API and not Optmyzr.

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