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Search Ads 360 Conversions in Rule Engine
Search Ads 360 Conversions in Rule Engine

Using conversion data from Search Ads 360 to optimize Google Ads campaigns

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It is now possible to use conversion and revenue data from your Search Ads 360 (SA 360) account to optimize Google Ads using Optmyzr's Rule Engine.

How does it work?

When you link your SA 360 account to Optmyzr, our system finds the corresponding Google Ads account in Optmyzr and associates it with that account automatically. Once this is done you will start seeing two new sections in the Rule Engine that will list the actions, transactions, and revenue from SA 360. This data can then be used to build rules in conjunction with the data from Google Ads. For example, you can build a rule that uses cost data from Google Ads and transaction and revenue data from SA 360.

Getting Started

Once in the Rule Engine, you can create a custom strategy to integrate with SA 360.

Strategies can be created at the Campaign, Ad Group, and Keyword level. These levels determine which entities the strategies will primarily analyze and which type of actions we'll be available to apply. You can learn more about creating custom strategies here.

Note: Search Query level is not available as SA 360 doesn't support it.

After choosing the appropriate level, you'll be able to proceed and name the strategy. You'll then be able to start building rules using data from SA 360 to set conditions.

Supported Attributes

  • Actions: non-revenue conversions.

  • Transactions: revenue-based conversions.

  • Formula-based Columns: saved columns that can combine floodlight activities.

To report on Floodlight activities, Google Analytics goals, or custom KPIs, you can sign into Search Ads 360 UI and create one or more saved columns, such as Floodlight activity columns, Google Analytics activity columns, or formula columns. Now, these columns would also be available in Rule Engine for you to use as attributes in your conditions and build strategies based on these data.

How can I access this feature?

You'll first need to link your SA360 account in the ‘Link Another Account' in the top right corner of your All Accounts Dashboard. Once you've linked your account, you'll see it available in the Rule Engine.

Note: This integration is read-only at the moment, you cannot make changes to your SA 360 account using this Rule Engine integration.

Will you be making this data available outside the Rule Engine?

Yes, through the Account Dashboard, you can edit the account settings, which will give you the option to select different SA 360 conversions that you'd like to monitor for that particular account. This will enable the option to visualize the selected conversions in the dashboard and across tools through the column selector.

Custom Conversions Columns Configuration

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