Can I exclude Gmail and YouTube automatic placements using Rule Engine?

We don't support excluding automatic YouTube and Gmail placements from the list of suggestions in the Rule Engine. As Google Ads doesn't specify which video the traffic came from (e.g., video or channel), if you exclude the placement, you will remove the whole YouTube and Gmail domain.

Does "Mobile App Category" cover both iPhone + Android Apps?

Mobile App Categories cover both iPhone and Android apps. They are different from the actual apps, for ex: Games, Books, Music are some app categories. They can be added via the Google Ads UI.

I'm not getting any results if my condition is "Placement Type is Mobile App Category" but if I use "iPhone App + Android App" it works. Why is that?

If a managed placement is a mobile app category, it will appear as a suggestion if the required conditions are selected. For automatic placements, the impressions are attributed to the individual apps and not to the categories that those belong to (which would correspond to a separate row for the app category), therefore no suggestions will show.

What are my options for Placement Management?

In the Rule Engine you'll find the following options for Google Ads Placement Management:

  • Optimize automatic placements.

  • Add high performing placements as target placements.

  • Exclude non-converting placements that have a high cost.

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