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Commonly asked questions about account blueprints

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What happens if I delete a blueprint?

If a blueprint is deleted, all tasks that are not completed (overdue, due tasks) will be removed. Any tasks that were completed before the blueprint was deleted, will continue to show.

What happens if an account is disassociated from a blueprint?

If an account that was earlier associated with a blueprint is disassociated from the blueprint, overdue tasks will continue to show. However, new tasks will not be generated and tasks that are due later will stop showing.

Why do I see "Team Account" on the "My Tasks" page?

If you are looking at tasks assigned to all team members, you may see 'Team Account' in the accounts column for accounts you don't have access to.

How do I archive old tasks?

We have a button at the top of the "My Tasks" page to archive old tasks. You can archive all overdue tasks or tasks overdue by 7+ days.

Do all the tasks appear on the "My Tasks" page?

You'll always see your tasks on the "My Tasks" page, however, scheduled tasks will only appear 2 weeks before the due date.

You will only ever see one instance of a due task. We will not create the next instance until the current one is completed. This is to ensure you do not get overwhelmed with too many due tasks (w.e.f. 8th August 2023).

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