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Gender, Age Range & Device Bid Adjustments
Gender, Age Range & Device Bid Adjustments - FAQs
Gender, Age Range & Device Bid Adjustments - FAQs
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Gender and Age Range

In Gender demographics, you can have a gender excluded (see Google Ads screenshot), and so if you apply any bid adjustment to that, you’ll get an error.

You can filter out these excluded groups by using the attribute "isNegative" = "No", to make sure you do not work on the excluded group.

Note: Limits of more than 900% and less than -90% are not suggested.


If you set a device bid adjustment at the campaign level and at the ad group level in a single campaign, the ad group device bid adjustment is used when determining your bid. However, if the campaign device bid adjustment is -100%, then the ad group device bid adjustment isn't used.

The system shows the effective device bid adjustment for ad group devices, whether the source is a campaign or ad group, whichever is applicable.

You can use "Desktop bid adj. level" etc. attributes to know the source of bid adjustment.

If both campaign and ad group devices are "- -", the bid adj is treated as 0.

Note: Limits of more than 900% and less than -90% are not suggested, -100% is the exception.

Note: The Rule Engine doesn't show TV Screen in devices for bid adjustments as the API doesn't support it as of now.

Why do I see "Google Ads Bid Landscape data is not available for this account"?

If you are seeing this message, please consider the Google Ads API requirements and restrictions:

"To use bid landscapes, the campaign must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have an established criterion, ad group, or campaign to provide the system with baseline information from which to generate predictions.

  • Conversion tracking must be enabled.

  • The account must not be a test account. Bid landscapes are based on past performance; since test accounts don't serve ads, they have no performance history.

Additionally, bid landscapes work with Search Network-only campaigns, Display Network-only campaigns, and Shopping campaigns. For Search Network with Display Select, only information pertaining to the Search Network portion of a campaign is returned."

You can read more on their help website here.

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