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What does it do?

The Change History widget allows you to report on status changes for the account, ads, audience, budgets, keywords, network, placements, and targeting, on an individual basis.


  • This widget only supports reporting on changes in Google Ads.

  • By default, the Google Ads API only returns Change History data for the last 30 days. If you choose a date range that goes beyond this period, no error will occur. However, it's important to note that the data shown is likely to be limited to the most recent 30 days unless we have cached the data in our system.

Setting it up

Click on the "Add Items" button in the Widget Data settings sidebar. This will open a window that will allow you to add the items you would like to see the change history for.

Under each change type category (for example, Account), you'll find the options to select (ad groups, campaigns, language, etc).

Previewing the Results

The "Changes" column, as the name suggests, shows the count of individual changes done to the "Item" chosen.

For example, if you see '30' under the Changes column for the 'Change Type' Campaign, all '30' changes could be on a single campaign during the course of chosen date range, it does not necessarily mean that '30' different campaigns were modified.

If you choose the change type "Campaign" for example, those will include changes done directly to the Campaign entity, and cover changes like Campaign Name changes, status changes, etc.

Any change inside the Campaign (for example, ad groups added/removed, keywords added or removed, targeting added/removed) won't come under this selection.

Similarly, the Modifications columns for Change type as "Ad Group" will only report changes like the Name change, and status changes done directly to the ad group.

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