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What is it?

With the Restructure Shopping Campaigns tool, you can restructure your shopping campaign groups created using the Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 as well as your campaigns that are not a part of the Optmyzr-created campaign group.

To start, select if you'll be restructuring shopping campaign groups created through Optmyzr's Shopping Campaign Builder or a shopping campaign created outside Optmyzr.

The screenshot below shows the first step to restructuring shopping campaign groups created through Optmyzr.

Select your restructuring strategy

The ad group creation criterion needs to be the same to restructure the ad groups. For example, if you have an ad group at the level of Brand, and you’d like to restructure the campaigns with a new hierarchy as All Products > Brand > PT0 > Item Id with ad group at the level of Brand, this can be done through the tool. But, if you’d like to create ad groups at the level of Brand + Product Type 0 - this would not be possible.

Important Notes

  • You can GRIP your campaign groups using this tool by mentioning the Item Id at the last level in the required split hierarchy.

  • No new ad groups/product groups will be created using this tool (even if there are new products in the feed); it just restructures the existing ad groups. To refresh your existing campaigns/campaign groups, you should use the Campaign Refresher tool.

  • For the campaigns not a part of the campaign groups created in Optmyzr, you can choose the ad groups with the ad group level hierarchy you want to restructure.

  • If there are any inconsistencies in a campaign group or a campaign, then we don’t restructure it. It is recommended to solve the warnings and then use the tool. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, and our awesome support team will help you out.

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