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Account Alerts - Alerts for Amazon Ads
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This platform is not available for certain Legacy plans. If you are not able to see Alerts for Amazon Ads, reach out to so we can arrange a free trial upgrade!

Setting Up Alerts for Amazon Ads Accounts

You can create alerts at both account and campaign levels using our Alert Management tool or using the All Accounts Dashboard. You can read more about setting up alerts here.

Supported Alert Metrics for Amazon Ads

The metrics supported for Amazon Alerts are:

  • Avg CPC

  • Clicks

  • ROAS

  • ACoS

  • Conv Value/Click

  • Conv Value/Cost

  • Conversion

  • Conversion Value

  • Cost

  • CTR

  • Impressions

  • Monthly Budget

If you want Optmyzr to support Alerts for more metrics, reach out to our support team at

Why are Anomaly Alerts not supported for Amazon Ads?

We do not support anomaly alerts, as our system will not generate any automation notification due to the last 3 days' data not being accurate.

For more information regarding what date ranges are supported for the Amazon platform read more here.

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