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Note: This platform is not available for certain Legacy plans. If you are not able to see Alerts for Facebook, please reach out to so we can arrange a free trial upgrade!

Which alerts are supported?

Currently, we only support account and campaign level alerts.

Why I am seeing an anomaly alert for my Facebook Account?

Our system will show an alert on the Triggered alert page as an anomaly if there is a sudden change in cost, clicks, or impressions for an account.

What is the logic behind anomaly alerts?

The system considers the last 3 weeks' data and estimates the value for today. With that, we consider the difference between the estimated value and the actual value. If there is more of a difference than what we expected, then we will trigger the alert.

Why do I see "the anomaly alert was last updated x days ago"?

This can happen more multiple reasons:

  1. Data is the same for the past x days and the anomaly alert is still not closed due to that.

  2. It could be that we lost access to the account.

  3. It is an exemption thrown by the Facebook API and we are not able to retrieve the data.

For example, if the cost is 0 for the past 3 days, the last updated date will remain 3 days ago. If access is lost we still show a trend chart with previous data.

The metrics supported for Facebook Alerts are:

  • Avg CPC

  • Clicks

  • Cost

  • Cost / Conv

  • Cost per Result

  • CTR

  • Impressions

  • Conv

  • Conv Value

  • Conv value / Click

  • Conv Value / Cost

  • Monthly Budget

Multi-Account Budget Alerts

For your Multi-Account Budget alerts, in case you have lost access to a Facebook Ads account, that entry will show in red with a warning symbol.

If you have a Facebook account linked but with no active budget associated with it, you will not find any option for a dropdown as there is no individual budget possible to select.

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