Key-Value Pairs in Rule Engine
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As part of its advanced settings, the Rule Engine has the option to link an external Google Sheet document to a specific strategy. While building the strategy, you can use the key-value pairs to map large data sets to distinct entities in your account.

What is Key-Value Pair?

A key-value pair refers to two data items that are mapped to each other:

  • Key: serves as the unique identifier for an item of data

  • Value: is the data that is identified

For example, let's say you have three different Brands with a defined Target ROAS. In this case, Brand is the key that pairs with each Target ROAS value.

Setting up the spreadsheet

To begin, you'll need to have your key-value pairs ready on the spreadsheet (a Key column and at least one Value column).

You should share the spreadsheet with Rule Engine's email address ( or with "Anyone with a Link"

Adding Key-Value Pairs in Rule Engine

You can add external data to your Rule Engine strategy from the "Settings" dropdown on the right corner of the screen, right under "View Suggestions." This will display various options, and you'll need to select the one that says "Key-Value pairs":

On the side tray, you'll need to fill in all the details; what the data is for, the spreadsheet URL, the sheet name, and the value type for the columns to include in the strategy.

After filling out all the details, press "Save" and you'll be taken back to the strategy screen. The columns from your spreadsheet will now become available as attributes in your Rule Engine strategy.

Putting the Key-Value Pairs into practice

Let's assume you have three campaigns: Shoes, T-Shirts, and Hoodies. You have ad groups for three different brands on each of these campaigns: Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. And you want to change the Target ROAS for these ad groups based on the contents of your spreadsheet.

First, you'll need to add the condition that will help us map the Key and Values to the ad groups.

  1. Choose a column in the "Spreadsheet KeyValue Columns" section

  2. Map the column to the attribute to use (e.g. A single metric > Ad group Name)

  3. Complete and Save the condition

Similarly, you can add the action to set the new Target ROAS:

Once you run the strategy Rule Engine will grab the new values from the spreadsheet and update the ad group targets in bulk.

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