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Optmyzr Checklist - Ad Optimization
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Ad-Text Optimization (RSA)

  • You can use the Ad Text Optimization (RSA) tool to break down and review your RSA performance data by its components. You can also make changes in bulk to different ad components (User Guide).

AB Testing for Ads

  • With the AB Testing for Ads tool, you can compare ads with statistically significant data in the same ad group, to find the ones that meet your business goals or contribute to the success of your advertising campaign (User Guide).

Create Responsive Search Ads

  • You can use the Create Responsive Search Ads tool to easily build new Responsive Search Ads in your account. This tool offers suggestions for headlines and descriptions and eases the process of creating the ads one by one and from different interfaces (User Guide).

Rule Engine

In the Rule Engine, you'll find some pre-built strategies to help you with Ad Optimization:

  • Ad Count Audit - Number of ETAs and RSAs

    • This strategy can be used to monitor the number of different types of ads in your ad groups. It will alert you if you have too many or too few ETAs and RSAs.

  • Report for disapproved ads

    • Get a report with a list of disapproved ads

  • Ad copies with a decline in CTR

    • Find ad copies that see a decline in CTR and may need to be refreshed

  • Find Ads with Low CTR

    • Label and report on ads with CTR lower than the ad group's average CTR.

  • Monitor Ad Strength for RSAs

    • Get a report on the ad strength of RSAs and identify the ones with poor ad strength.

Optmyzr Express

Optmyzr Express shows you one-click optimizations across various scopes of account management for all the Google, Microsoft, and Amazon accounts you've linked to Optmyzr. Check out the following ad optimization suggestions (available for Google and Microsoft Ads only):

  • Add Missing Ads (RSA)

    • The tool flags ad groups without any active RSAs and provides you with actionable suggestions for headlines/descriptions to help you create RSAs in them effortlessly.

  • Fix Ads with Issues (RSA)

    • The tool will show you those RSAs with Poor Ad strength and containing only a few headlines and description assets - you can use Optmyzr's suggestions to fix the ad text to improve ad performance.

  • Pause Low Performing RSAs

    • This shows you RSAs within ad groups that are not performing well and lets you pause the underperforming ones to ensure that the best ads remain active.

  • Pause Low Performing Ads

    • This optimization is similar to the previous one, except that it shows you suggestions for ETAs and Dynamic Search Ads as well, allowing you to pause the underperforming ones.

Further information about all the optimizations available in this tool can be found in this help article.

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