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What is it?

The Funnel Chart widget is available for Google Ads accounts in both single and multi-account reports. It can be found under the Insights section of the new Reports designer.

To get started on the reports, you can refer to this help article.

What does it do?

This widget helps to easily visualize the account performance at different stages in the ad journey. Starting with impressions that cover the top of the funnel and filtering down to conversions that form the bottom of the funnel. You can define the titles for different stages of the funnel.

The % at each step indicates the rate at which the metric got filtered, i.e., the % of impressions that turned into clicks and the successive % of clicks that turned into conversions.


You can define the titles for the different stages of the funnel. You can do this by checking the "Edit Title" box on the right panel and entering the desired title for each stage.

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