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What's new in Optmyzr?
What’s new in Optmyzr? (January 2023)
What’s new in Optmyzr? (January 2023)

Get to know the list of new features and updates we've made to Optmyzr in January 2023.

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Review your ‘removed’ converting keywords with two new Rule Engine updates

We’ve added a "Removed" keyword option in Rule Engine’s pre-filter that allows you to get a report on removed converting keywords.

You can also use an Optmyzr Recommended strategy to view removed converting keywords in the last 14 days.

Performance Max support available in the new Google Ads script experience

We now support Performance Max campaigns in four of our most popular enhanced scripts in the new Google Ads script experience:

  • Flexible budgets

  • Reach target monthly spend

  • Report hourly stats

  • Anomaly detector

To support Performance Max campaigns, you must upgrade these scripts to Google Ads' new scripts experience.

Learn more about this update and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Build annual reports for 2022 performance

Build annual reports for 2022 using our updated template, accessible from the Reporting menu. Create pre-built reports that you can send to clients or stakeholders in a few clicks.

Compatible with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

Support added for GA4 in Optmyzr reports

Build reports in Optmyzr using properties specific to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Use the performance table to view data for different dimensions and metrics for GA4 properties.

Edit ad group settings without going back to Google Ads

Edit your ad group name, status, bidding strategy, and ad rotation from the PPC Audits results page. You no longer have to go back to the Google Ads interface to modify these settings.

To edit any ad group, go to PPC Policy & Audits > Select an Audit > Run Now > "Ad Groups" scope and click on the ad group you want to modify.

Track both campaign and ad set budgets for Meta

Effortlessly manage your Meta campaigns and ad set budgets in one place. You can track these budgets individually or with other platforms like Google Ads budgets.

  • Reallocate budgets across ad sets, campaigns, and platforms easily on a single dashboard.

  • Stay on top of budget usage with alerts.

  • Automatically pause ad sets/campaigns when spending approaches the target budget.

  • Automatically re-enable paused ad sets/campaigns at the start of a new month.

Create and manage Google Ads labels from audit results

You can add or remove labels from your campaigns and ad groups in the side tray on the audit result page. This saves you time and effort since you don't have to go to the Google Ads UI to manage your labels any more.

Get quicker analysis for Amazon Ads campaigns

A PPC Investigator chart (root cause analysis) and Audits widget are now part of the account dashboard when viewing an Amazon Ads account. Access the main tools by clicking through from the dashboard.

Correct ad text spelling for more languages

The spell-check feature of Ad Text Optimization now supports three new languages:

  • Italian

  • Norwegian

  • Swedish

Spell check is only available in the version of the tool for creating/editing responsive search ads (RSA), as expanded text ads (ETA) are no longer supported.

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