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What's new in Optmyzr?
What’s new in Optmyzr? (February 2023)
What’s new in Optmyzr? (February 2023)

After a marathon of improving existing capabilities and building new ones, here's our latest product update.

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Shopping Support

Optimize and boost sales with the new Price Benchmark widget

The new Price Benchmark widget in Shopping Feed Audits helps you compare your product prices with Google’s benchmark price.

Using this tool, you can quickly identify discrepancies and adjust your prices to make them more competitive.

Google finds similar products across advertisers using GTIN.

Improve your shopping campaign performance with Optmyzr Smart Campaigns

With Optmyzr Smart Campaigns, you get the best of both worlds: the power of Smart Shopping automation paired with the control of Standard Shopping.

You'll create Standard Shopping campaigns with Target ROAS bidding, giving you access to search query data and higher limits for campaigns, ad groups, and product groups.

You can also add negative keywords, set targets at the ad group level, and optimize further.

• Available in Shopping Campaign Builder and Shopping Campaign Refresher

• Requires at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days

Audits and Analytics

Quick performance overview with the new account side tray

Keep track of important performance metrics of your accounts and active campaigns with the account side tray in PPC Policy and Audits for Google Ads.

  • Accounts Overview Tab

    Check your overall account's performance and identify areas that need attention, like non-converting keywords.

  • Campaigns Tab

    Get a quick overview of all your active campaigns and their KPIs.

Quickly identify high and low-performing entities using Rule Engine

Our new feature in Rule Engine lets you quickly identify high and low-performing entities without the hassle of setting complex performance thresholds.

For instance, find the top 10% of keywords by conversions or the bottom 5 campaigns by impressions.

Get the big picture with new Google Analytics metrics in Rule Engine

Combine Google Analytics site engagement metrics with Google Ads performance stats to get a complete view of your ad campaign's success.

For instance, now you can easily monitor the average session duration of your ads by creating alerts and evaluate the performance of an ad group by viewing its bounce rate alongside its clickthrough rate (CTR).

We’ve added to the following metric at the keyword, ad and ad group, and campaign levels:

  • Bounce rate

  • Pages per session

  • Average session duration

  • % of new sessions

Monitor your Google Ads optimization score with our latest widget

Easily track your account's performance according to Google with our latest widget. Add it to your audit template to know your Google Ads optimization score quickly.

Note: The Optimization Score measures your adherence to Google's best practices. However, taking action to improve this score without considering your business needs may not be profitable.

Account Dashboard Updates

Get detailed insights in a CSV Report

Download the full details on quick insights in a CSV report for a more in-depth look at your campaigns.

Get more insights into your PMax Campaigns with a new insights widget

Use the PMax Channel Distribution widget in the account dashboard to quickly see how your PMax campaigns are performing across channels like Shopping, Display, Video, and Others (Search, Gmail, Maps, etc.).

  • Metrics include cost, impressions, clicks, conversions, and conversion value.

  • Classifies performance metrics for all PMax campaigns in the account.

  • "View Full Table" option provides a campaign-level classification for all metrics.

Easily track your PPC audit score in our latest version of All Accounts Dashboard

With the new All Accounts Dashboard, you can now quickly view the PPC audit score for all your accounts in one place, making it easy to identify which accounts need more attention.

Hover to know the template and grades for different categories. You can also access the audit report for further analysis.

Compare your top competitors with a new widget

With this new widget, easily get information on your present competitors and how many entities are competing with you.

You can view the full list to see the new and existing competitors compared to the ones that are gone.

Available for Google Ads.

Optmyzr Express Updates

New and improved Optmyzr Express experience with more options

A more friendly user interface and many new suggestion types let you easily access additional information on why we suggest specific changes, making them easier to understand and implement.

With Optmyzr Express, you can enjoy many new suggestion types, including placements exclusions, automated bidding, RSA, budget, and more. This gives you a wider range of options to optimize your campaigns and improve your performance.

Maximize your ad spend with a new express experiment

With our latest express experiment to test Target ROAS or Target CPA, you can see if Smart Bidding is a better fit to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Identify issues and improve RSA performance

Boost the performance of your RSA ads with a new express feature that identifies and helps you fix ads with problems like low ad strength and less than a certain number of headlines or description lines.

New Express Updates for Keywords

Fix conflicting negative keywords

Quickly resolve conflicts between negative keywords and their ads to ensure they appear for relevant keywords and don’t interfere with campaign performance.

  • Remove the negative keyword causing conflict to enable ads to show for previously blocked keywords.

  • Pause keywords that are no longer showing ads.

Re-enable converting keywords

Re-enable keywords converting in the last 120 days but might have been removed as part of the 'remove redundant keywords' recommendation.

New Express Updates for Impression Share

Boost your impression share with three new express strategies

  • Converting target ROAS ad groups

    Decreasing Target ROAS helps Google bid higher in auctions to capture impression share.

  • Converting Target CPA Ad Group

    Increasing Target CPA helps Google bid higher in auctions to capture impression share.

  • Campaign Budget/Shared Budget

    Increase the budget for campaigns that are losing impression share due to budget limitations to capture more impressions.

New express experiment to test target CPA

With our latest express experiment to test Target CPA, you can set a specific CPA goal and let Smart Bidding optimize your bids for better results.

Reports and Analytics Updates

Get reports on multiple campaigns easily

Earlier, you could only select one or all campaigns in reports. But with this update, you can see reports on any set of ad campaigns you want, giving you more flexibility and customization in reporting.

Create custom reports on specific campaign types and bid strategies

Get more flexibility and customization options with custom reports based on specific campaign types or bid strategies. This eliminates the need for manual updating, as it automatically includes any new campaign that gets added to the account.

You can easily select campaigns by a particular bid strategy, such as TCPA, TROAS, or Maximize Conversion, or by campaign types, such as Search, Video, or Pmax.

For instance, you can build a report for campaigns on automated bidding by using the criteria selection by bid strategy and choosing all automated bidding strategies. This would include all the target campaigns in the report and show data accordingly.

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