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What's new in Optmyzr?
What’s new in Optmyzr? (March 2023)
What’s new in Optmyzr? (March 2023)

This sprint cycle gave us another exciting batch of updates and improvements. Here's a quick roundup of all the releases in March.

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Performance Max Support

Quickly review your feed performance across Shopping and PMax retail accounts

Easily track your shopping feed performance from your account dashboard with our latest widget — Shopping Feed Audit.

The audit reviews the Google Merchant Center feeds for all your accounts with Shopping or Performance Max retail campaigns based on titles and descriptions, basic product data, identifiers, and categories.

You can go into the tool and also identify the following:

  • Missing values and fields

  • Disapproved products with reasons

Get quick reports on your Shopping and PMax product performance

Our latest scope in Rule Engine makes it easy to identify the best and worst-performing products across your Shopping and PMax retail campaigns.

You can see reports based on metrics like clicks, impressions, cost, CTR, and avg. CPC.

Identify PMax asset groups with no audience signal and create one quickly

The new express suggestion enables you to quickly identify asset groups that don't have an audience signal and create one easily.

Optmyzr Express recommends top-performing search queries in your account or allows you to select a previously saved group with specific interests or purchase intentions.

New express recommendations to avoid spending on bad placements

We have 4 new suggestions based on placement type leading to high cost and no conversions in your PMax campaigns.

You can exclude them at the account level to ensure your PMax campaigns are not wasting money on:

  • Website

  • Mobile application

  • Youtube video

  • Youtube channel

Note: You will also get suggestions for excluding low-performing placements at the campaign level for other campaign types.

Build a complete Performance Max retail campaign with feed and assets

Now create Performance Max retail campaigns with both feed and creative assets with new features in Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 and Refresher 2.0.

You can:

  • Create an asset template to automatically add creative assets to asset groups when creating new campaigns or new asset groups.

  • Choose to set the Final URL Expansion ON/OFF.

Audits, Reports, and Optimization Updates

More granular insights with updated performance comparison in reports

Now you can segment comparison data by campaign, ad group, network, or device to get more insights than before. Earlier, you could only compare performance at the account level.

For instance, you can pinpoint what's causing an increase or decrease in your campaign performance by comparing data at the ad group level.

New pre-built GA4 templates for quick reporting

Get more control and flexibility in your reports with the new pre-built template widgets aligned with specific goals, like user acquisition, event engagement, landing pages, etc.

These widgets combine relevant dimensions and metrics to give you a variety of quick reports.

Important note: GA4 and Google Ads are sunsetting all attribution models save for data-driven attribution (DDA) and Last Click. Ensure you're starting to use those so everything is clear in reporting.

Identify and optimize top-spending ad groups with no sitelink or image assets

Find opportunities for valuable conversions in our new Google Ads audit. Now you can easily identify top-spending ad groups with no sitelink or image assets and make quick optimization to enhance ad relevance.

We've also introduced sitelink recommendations on all accounts dashboard to help you spot and add missing sitelink assets to campaigns without this extension.

Easily optimize your bid limits with new Rule Engine scope

Identify bidding strategies limited by maximum or minimum bid limits and easily modify the bid limits as needed to optimize for the best results.

Account Dashboard Updates

Customize your account dashboard to focus on the data that matters most

Now you can add your custom conversions and SA360 columns on the account dashboard and the all accounts dashboard to see focused insights tailored to your preferences.

You can customize your view and add more columns specific to your custom conversions. That way, you can easily stay on top of your KPIs, campaign, ad group, and keywords.

Share your live dashboard with your clients and stakeholders

Our PPC reports have always offered flexible sharing options via email, PDFs, and presentation mode. And now, our revamped account dashboards can be shared externally as a link with clients or stakeholders, making reporting easier and more interesting.

Please note: You can access widgets from the account dashboard with options to filter data at the campaign level and customize date ranges. This gives you the flexibility to customize what data you see in your reports.

Set custom alerts for Facebook and Amazon on the new all accounts dashboard

The new alerts shortcut makes it easy to stay on top of your Facebook and Amazon KPIs from the all account dashboard.

You can hover to see data on KPIs like your last four weeks' trend chart and also find out if alerts are not set up, monitored, or triggered. You can then create or edit alerts in the same window.

Find optimization opportunities for Google, Bing, and Amazon in one place

We've updated the column suggestions in the new UI of the all account dashboard to include all the latest express suggestions.

It's a handy shortcut that lets you quickly view all the optimization opportunities for your Google, Microsoft, and Amazon accounts in one place.

You can easily review and apply these suggestions directly on the same page in just a few clicks.

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