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Create a new Microsoft Ad account in Optmyzr
Create a new Microsoft Ad account in Optmyzr
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1. What does the feature do?

Optmyzr now allows you to create a new Microsoft Advertising account directly from within the platform. If you or your clients are not yet advertising on Microsoft, this feature makes it easy to get started.

2. Why should I use it?

Microsoft Advertising has generated a lot of interest lately, particularly since incorporating OpenAI's ChatGPT into the new Bing search engine experience. As a result, search volumes are expected to increase and new audiences will become available.

Optmyzr detects when a domain is not being advertised on Microsoft and lets you create a new account quickly and easily.

3. How does it work?

If the Google Ads account you've selected is advertising a domain that doesn't have a Microsoft Ad account linked to Optmyzr, you'll see a widget on the right-hand side of the Account Dashboard. From there, you can initiate the account creation process.

Once you've filled in the required information, an email will be sent to the email address listed in the Account Details section. This should be the primary user's email address, so if you're an agency setting up an ad account for a client, be sure to use their email address. This ensures that your client will be the account owner, as transferring ownership in the future won't be possible.

You'll receive an email from Microsoft asking you to accept their Terms and Conditions. Follow the instructions in the email and then return to Optmyzr to complete the account creation process.

If Optmyzr has API access to the listed email (due to previous account linking), you will also get the option to accept the terms and conditions, add payment details and activate the account by clicking on the hyperlink.

Once the account is created, you can import campaigns from Google Ads or create new campaigns from scratch using the Microsoft Advertising UI. While a campaign import function is being developed within Optmyzr, you'll need to use the Microsoft Advertising UI for this.

The newly created account will be linked to our Manager account. To link it to Optmyzr and to start getting optimization suggestions after the campaigns have accrued performance data, you can link it to Optmyzr after finishing all the steps.

4. Step-by-step instructions

Here's a brief guide to creating a new Microsoft Advertising account within Optmyzr:

  1. On the Account Dashboard, go to Microsoft Ads Account Creation and select 'Create New Account'

  2. Use the drop-down menu to select an account to import certain account and business details from, or choose 'Create from Scratch'.

  3. Fill in the Customer Details for the end advertiser, including their full name, market language, market country, industry, and language.

    1. Full Name: This field refers to the end advertiser's first and last name. It's important to enter this information accurately to ensure the new customer details are associated with the right person.

    2. Market Language: This is the primary language that the end advertiser uses. It determines the language of the Microsoft Advertising interface. Read more about which languages are supported in your country.

    3. Market Country: This is the primary country where the end advertiser operates.

    4. Industry: This field refers to the primary industry of the end advertiser. If the right industry isn't listed, you can choose "Other."

    5. Language: This field determines the language of communication when sending correspondence by email or postal mail.

  4. Define the Ad Account Details, including the account name, primary login email address, first and last name of the primary user (the account owner), currency code, language in account details, and time zone (optional).

    Important: select the corresponding language for the country you’ve selected. For instance, Swedish for Sweden, French for France, etc.

    1. Account Name: This is the name of the account that you'll see in the Microsoft Advertising interface and Optmyzr. It's important to choose a clear and concise name that accurately represents the account.

    2. Email: This is the primary login email address of the new ad account.

    3. First Name: This field refers to the primary user's first name, who is the account owner.

    4. Last Name: This field refers to the primary user's last name, who is the account owner.

    5. Currency Code: This field determines the currency used on the ad account.

  1. Under Business Details, enter the end advertiser's business name, city, postal code, country code, business address, and state or province.

  2. Depending on the country where the business operates, you may be asked to provide tax information.

  3. After you click ‘Create Account’, an email with the subject ‘Invitation to Microsoft Advertising’ will be sent to the account owner listed in the Account Details. Alternatively, if Optmyzr has an API connection to the listed email, you’ll see a link to activate the account directly in the Optmyzr interface.

  4. Accept the invitation and agree to the terms and conditions and add billing details in the Microsoft Advertising UI.

  5. Now you can import campaigns from Google Ads or create new campaigns from scratch.

  6. Once the Terms and Conditions are accepted, the status in Optmyzr will get updated and the account is ready to be used. It may take some time for the status to get updated in Optmyzr but you can still start using the account

That's it! With your new Microsoft Advertising account set up, all you need to do is import your best campaigns from Google Ads to Microsoft Ads.

Import Campaigns from your Google Ads Account

After the successful creation and linking of your Microsoft Ads Account, the widget will allow you to seamlessly import campaigns from your Google Ads Account. To begin, click on the 'Import campaigns' button.

From the dropdown at the top, select the Google Ads Account from which you intend to import campaigns.

The 'Import Preview' section will show you a list of all entities (Campaigns, Ad Groups, Extensions, etc.) that will be imported. You can also choose to import paused campaigns by checking the 'Include Pause Campaigns' option.

Clicking on 'Preview and Import' will give you a pop-up 'Summary' box where you can do a final review before importing.

Once the system completes the import of your entities into your Microsoft account, the widget will show a prompt text indicating the number of changes that were applied. Additionally, you will have the option to download a report summarizing these changes.

Note: The import being performed by this functionality is one-time only. Within the Microsoft Ads UI, you have the option to schedule an import for later or keep importing frequently on a set schedule.

After your campaigns have accrued performance data, you can begin optimizing your campaigns using Optmyzr's suite of tools and features.

If you're looking for tips on how to optimize your Microsoft Ads campaigns, check out this blog post or watch this Learn With Optmyzr webinar.

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