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What's new in Optmyzr?
What’s new in Optmyzr? (May 2023)
What’s new in Optmyzr? (May 2023)

This month, we have new monitoring capabilities, more optimization support, and an improved reporting experience with new visualizations.

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Monitoring and Optimizing Capabilities

Track and compare campaign performance against your entire portfolio

Now get alerts if a campaign performs differently than its portfolio. It helps you make informed decisions — whether to remove the campaign or put more resources into it.

You can easily set these alerts by selecting the accounts you want to monitor, essential metrics, and performance deviations.

You'll get these alerts on your dashboard, and you can even choose to get them through Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Mitigate potential issues caused by product disapprovals with new Auto Feed Alerts

Get automatic notifications when over 50% of your products are disapproved in your Google Merchant Center Feeds.

It helps to manage issues like loss of traffic and sales caused by product disapprovals without further delay.

Monitor changes in performance for your Amazon account's top entities

Compare changes in related metrics in one view on the Amazon account dashboard with Performance Change Widget.

You can monitor and analyze performance for top entities across your entire Amazon account, and it helps you easily:

  • Analyze the impact of heightened spend on target KPIs, such as conversions.

  • Keep track of trending performance for search terms and other key entities.

  • Identify top-performing targets and observe their positive or negative changes over time.

Keep track of your ASIN performance from the account dashboard

Stay on top of your products’ (or ASINs) performance from the account dashboard. Our top elements widget gives you aggregated performance data across all ads for your ASINs, so you can easily:

  • Monitor top-level KPIs such as ROAS, sales, orders, etc.

  • Keep an eye on spend limits and identify overspending ASINs

  • Easily identify non-converting campaigns and pause product ads in that campaign using Rule Engine directly from the widget

Get visibility on search terms driving traffic to automated campaigns

Stay on top of your automated campaigns by monitoring search terms driving traffic to your campaigns, and optimizing your targeting strategy with Rule Engine.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Export Rule Engine suggestions: Identify non-converting search queries and add them as negatives in the Amazon interface to gain more control.

  • Get new search query ideas: Explore potential search queries in your automated campaigns and see if they're already a part of any campaigns. If not, add them to your manual campaigns for better reach.

Track your products’ performance with performance alerts

Create performance alerts for products in Shopping and PMax campaigns to track your top or least performing products. You can also create custom alerts when specific products have a significant drop in performance based on your defined metrics.

Click on the alert suggestion to go to Rule Engine’s results page with detailed insights.

Optimization Capabilities

Take quick actions for search terms from Google Ads audits

Take action directly from the Search Terms tab in Google Ads Audits' side tray.

For example, you can:

  • Easily add high-performing search queries as keywords and low-performing search queries as negative keywords in the side tray.

  • Change the keyword's status to Enabled, Paused, or Removed from the Keyword side tray.

Optimize your keyword strategy with 'Custom Conversions' in Keyword Lasso

You can find the 'Custom Conversions' columns in Keyword Lasso’s menu.

Use the pencil icon to select the specific custom conversions you want to see in Keyword Lasso. It takes you to the settings page of the Account Dashboard, where you can choose up to 5 custom conversions that are visible across Optmyzr tools.

Know more about it right here.

Optimize your budget across Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo

Now get optimization suggestions for your budgets across platforms like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo Ads for effortless budget management.

Click on the "Get Optimization Suggestions" button to receive reallocation suggestions. The system considers different reallocation scenarios, your campaign's spending potential, and your chosen target to give optimization suggestions for budget reallocation.

Here’s an article explaining how Optmyzr calculates the budget required to increase conversion value.

Boost your campaign performance with 3 new Express Optimizations

  • Create an experiment to test Maximize Conversions Bidding Strategy

This optimization suggests creating an experiment for a manual bidding campaign to run on Maximize Conversions as a bidding strategy. This will allow you to measure the performance of the new strategy against the current manual bidding strategy and help you understand if the new strategy is performing better


  • Use Broad Match Keywords

This optimization recommends using broad match type keywords to effectively grow conversions within your performance targets and reach interested audiences.

  • Expand your reach with search partners

This optimization helps you drive additional traffic and expand your reach by leveraging Google search partners.

Note: These are based on Google recommendations; however, Optmyzr adds its own logic to recommend what’s best for your account performance.

Explore the update here.

Expand your reach with new Amazon marketplaces

We have added new marketplaces, Belgium, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, to extend support for our users serving the above three marketplaces.

So if you're advertising in any of these countries, you can now connect your respective accounts to Optmyzr and start making optimizations.

Evaluation and Reporting Capabilities

Evaluate ROAS in a click with our latest Rule Engine update

Now view ROAS quickly for various targeting options and bidding strategies directly from the Optmyzr interface.

You don't need to calculate the ROAS manually; just select the ROAS metric in Rule Engine for a quick assessment of the following:

  • Campaign, ad group, ads, keywords and search terms.

  • Geo-targeting based on zip code, city, region, or country.

  • Ad group bid adjustments on device, audience, gender, and age range.

  • Portfolio bidding strategy.

This update is for Google Ads.

Make your reports more visual with new GA4 chart widgets

Easily track your key metrics, study progress over time, and make data-driven decisions with these powerful visualizations in GA4:

  • Metric Comparison for comparing related trends like sessions vs. bounce rate over a specific period.

  • Distribution by Segment to analyze metric performance across dimensions, like top countries generating good traffic.

  • Instant Charts for quick access to your most essential insights.

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