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User guide and information about the PPC Vertical Benchmarks insights tool

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What is it?

The PPC Vertical Benchmarks is an insight tool that lets you compare the performance of your account against other accounts in the same industry vertical or across verticals.

The tool lets you compare how key metrics like Average CPC, Conversion Rate, CPA, CTR, and ROAS for your account compare to others in your industry vertical.

Take a look at the tool's demo video here.

The various widgets of the tool give you the ability to compare your account’s performance on multiple aspects such as keyword traffic, the account’s performance rank percentile, etc.

Getting Started

The tool provides suggested benchmarks for your account based on the specific marketing industry vertical assigned to it. Hence, it is important to ensure that the industry vertical that the tool identified for your account is correct.

You also have the option to change your vertical at a later stage from the top right corner of the page. A change can only be made to the vertical once every 30 days.

Choosing the Comparison Format and Period

From the top right corner, you can choose to see comparative data of your KPIs against

  • All accounts in your vertical

  • All accounts across verticals

The tool lets you select the time period for which you want to see the performance comparison. These are all the available options you can choose from:

  • Week over Week

  • Month over Month

  • Quarter over Quarter

  • Year over Year

You can read more about the specific widgets and the comparison data they provide, below.

Performance Metrics

You can view a side-by-side comparison of specific performance metrics between your account and others in your industry vertical or across verticals.

The metrics available for comparison are:

  • Average CPC

  • Conversion Rate

  • CPA

  • CTR

  • ROAS

Your Account’s Performance vs. Others

This widget allows you to quickly assess how your account has fared against your industry vertical or across all Optmyzr accounts across verticals in terms of individual metrics.

You can choose the KPI of your choice and the widget will assign your account a percentile based on a quick diagnosis of where the account stands in terms of that specific KPI, compared to others in the industry.

Traffic Split by Keyword Match Type

This dual bar chart gives you a quick idea about which keyword match types (Broad, Phrase, Exact) are bringing in how much traffic to your account.

The chart compares your account's performance against the benchmark based on the selected scope (either within your vertical or across verticals in Optmyzr). In the chart, your account's data is represented by the blue bars, while the benchmark data is represented by the yellow bars.

Bid Strategy to Advertising Spend Distribution

You can check the spread of your advertising budget across all the bidding strategies you have used in your account. Furthermore, you can do a comparative analysis of the bidding strategies used by the accounts in your industry vertical. This helps in analyzing which are the most commonly used bid strategies for your industry vertical and the advertising spend associated with them.

Average number of Campaigns

Get a quick count of the number of average active campaigns in your account versus all accounts in your industry vertical (or across all verticals).

Average number of Ads per Ad group

Get a count of the average active ads per active ad group in your account versus other accounts in your industry vertical (or across all verticals).

You can read the Frequently Asked Questions about PPC Vertical Benchmarks here.

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