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Change History Scope in Rule Engine

User guide for the Change History Scope in Rule Engine for Google and Microsoft Ads

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What is it?

The Change History scope in Rule Engine provides a great way for you to create custom rules and gather information regarding any previous changes made to your Google or Microsoft Ads accounts.

With this scope, you gain the ability to identify modifications made via specific tools like Google Ads Editor, auto-apply recommendations, Google and Microsoft's interfaces, and API implementations. You can also set up custom strategies and automate them to, for instance, receive alerts when budget change occurs or, report upon changes made by a Google Ads script.

How does it work?

Optmyzr fetches the change history data from the Google and Microsoft Ads API and allows you to create strategies based on it using conditional logic. The data fetched from the API contains details about the type of change, the tool or method employed for the change, the campaign's name and ID, the associated ad group, and more.

However, before creating new strategies, we need to keep in mind that there are some limitations to fetching the data using an API for both Google and Microsoft. They are listed below:

Google's API limitations

  • Google API provides the change logs for the most recent 30 days only. You will not be able to access and report on data prior to the 30 days.

  • A maximum of only 10,000 changes are displayed, even if the total exceeds this count.

Microsoft's API limitations

  • Microsoft API does not provide any information on auto-applied recommendations. Therefore, unlike Google, notifications for such changes remain unavailable for Microsoft users.

  • Microsoft API offers the change history data spanning only the last six months.

Use Case

If you wish to track changes made to your Google Ads campaign through Auto-Applied Recommendations, you can achieve this even without direct API support for auto-apply recommendations. The Change History Rule Engine scope offers a solution

When creating a strategy to identify such changes, include 'User Email' as an attribute in the conditions and set its value as "Recommendations Auto-Apply."

The suggestions page will then provide you with detailed information, including Change Type, Campaign, Operation Type, and more, regarding the modifications executed by Google as part of the auto-apply recommendations.

If you wish to specify a date range (within the last 30 days), you can also include 'Change Date' as an attribute in the conditions and see it being reported in the suggestions.

You can check out the Identify recommendations auto-applied by Google pre-built strategy for the same.

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