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What is it?

The PPC Narrator Widget gives text explanations of changes that happened to your ads account across two different date ranges. The widget can either highlight the areas of improvement or let you know about the positive account changes.

You can also couple this feature with other insights concerning performance changes in your report. This approach ensures a comprehensive presentation of the data.

Metrics that are considered for comparison are conversion value, conversions, interactions, search impression share, and clicks. This widget is available for both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.


The tool gives you the option to select the 'Sentiment' of the text that will be generated and displayed. You have two options to choose from:

  • Positive - By selecting this option, the widget generates text highlighting positive changes in your account's metrics.

  • Critical - By selecting this option, the widget generates text pointing out areas that require improvement.

AI Text Generation

You also have the option to generate AI-based text by selecting 'Yes' from the 'With Optmyzr AI-Generated Summary' dropdown present in the widget settings.

The AI-generated text gives detailed explanations of metric changes, offering context on how these changes influence your business. This includes insights into factors like reduced visibility, revenue, etc., depending on the chosen 'Sentiment,' whether it's Positive or Critical.

The "Re-Generate Optmyzr AI Summary" button on the preview page allows you to re-generate the text.

AI-based text is only available in preview mode and will not work for scheduled reports. You have the option to manually download and send the report with the AI-generated text included.

If you add this widget with the AI feature selected in a scheduled report, it will automatically switch to default text in the delivered report. The template remains unaffected.

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